How to Get MLM Duplication and Recruit a Million Dollar Earner

3 Steps on How to Get Duplication and Recruit a Million Dollar Earner

I want to talk to you about why your team is not duplicating and network marketing or your home business or direct sales or MLM. There are three tips I want to share really fast. I want to cover these tips and see if any of these things you can relate to. 

And don’t get discouraged because you know network marketing is about building teams, and it can be very exciting because once you get a team growing, then your income can skyrocket and you start getting passive residual income, which is income that comes in to your bank whether you work or not and the salaries in network marketing can be astronomical I mean we are talking, people making $100,000 a month. 

So, it is all about team building, you’re not going to make 100,000 a month just recruiting yourself and not building a team. Most of your income will come from a large organization that is reordering from you each month. So it’s important to be in a company that has a consumable product that people have to reorder each month that will guarantee you a passive income. 

But I want to talk about why your team possibly might not be duplicating. Here’s the tips: 

So, number one, the people that you’re recruiting are too new, they just came in the business. It’s probably going to take them about a month just to get acquainted with the comp plan, the structure of the company, their promotional materials, how they want to present it, and they’re waiting for the product. 

So, it could take up to two weeks just for them to get the product, and then another two weeks to take the product and create their own testimonial before they even share it. A lot of people are not going to just join and run with it right away unless they have experience in network marketing, and they want to hit the ground running. 

A lot of people don’t even need the product, they just start building the business because they know that it’s a people business, and they can get people in just by who they are and then the product is the icing on the cake.

But, the people are too new, that’s reason number one. It takes about a month for people to get the product and figure out the company, but I’ve had people that wait three months to six months before they even start because they’re thinking about who they can talk to. They’re creating scripts or emails, they’re thinking about how they want to present it to their warm market. 

I’ve actually had people wait a year before they started building. I thought these people were long gone from my business and all of a sudden they started recruiting after they’ve been in for a year and I’m just like, Wow, that’s great. 

Turns out that these people, their jobs changed or they needed money. You know, their need has changed so they want it, they want to build it. They’ve taken a year to figure that out, and they’re like, it’s time. 

So you can never prejudge anyone that joins your business, you can’t really know if they’re a doctor or a lawyer. They might not do anything and you think they would because they’re professionals and then you have someone like me, when I joined I was flipping burgers. I barely graduated high school and did about a year of college, but I was very hungry for it. 

So, I went after it with everything I had, and I failed miserably for like the first two years. I was just spamming my link everywhere and just being desperate. So, you can’t prejudge people that join your business. 

I’ve had many million dollar earners join my business, and they fade away, and then I’ve had hungry people like myself come in and blow it up without even reaching out to me, I just look at my organization one day and there’s 10 new people that this guy brought in. And I’m like, oh, who’s this again oh wow it’s bill. Oh wow great he’s doing awesome and then I reach out, you know, because you want to reach out with the people who are building, especially the people who are building. So never prejudge anyone, they’re probably too new. 

Tip number two: is that you just haven’t recruited enough people. The fact of the matter is, is that almost like 80% of the people that join your opportunity probably won’t do anything with it. That’s just the way network marketing is. Life gets in the way or they don’t know how to promote it or they just want to enjoy the product and they decide not to promote it. 

They just want to take the product and that’s great because we need a customer base also in our business, not just recruiters and distributors. So you might have to recruit 50 to 100 people before you get two or three building their business. I mean it’s just the way it is. 

The good news is, you only need a handful of leaders in your business to make six to seven figures a year. I mean, network marketing pays very well. You know, 50% commissions down 10 levels and leadership check matching and bonuses really adds up. 

So, you only need three to five leaders, so however long it takes you to get three to five leaders. But the fact of the matter is, 80%, that you recruit will probably not do anything. And that’s just the way it is, and leaders understand this, they get really good at recruiting. They can recruit massive people just through their blogs and videos and ebooks. 

Leaders might not be in the trenches recruiting, so to speak, after five or 10 years in a company, but their content is still generating leads for them. And most leaders have recruited 100 to 400 people to find a handful of great leaders, but now they’re making $100,000 a month, so the money is there, it’s phenomenal, but you have to keep recruiting, because for one, your team is going to look at what you’re doing and if you stop recruiting, they’re gonna stop recruiting. Number two, even leaders can get a change of heart, or there’s a tragedy in their personal life and they have to stop building the business. 

Whatever happens, people quit, even if they’re doing well in your business. So you always have to keep recruiting. And I think the number is about 50 to 100 people so if you’ve only recruited about 16 people, and most of them are your friends and family, they’re probably going to turn into a customer. You might get one or two that build it for a while, but a lot of your friends and family will not know how to prospect into the cold market. 

That’s what you ideally want to get into is the cold market, aka strangers you want to start learning how to prospect in the cold market, and you can do that with videos, Facebook Lives, advertising, blogging, you know, creating content. 

But in the beginning, a lot of people don’t understand how to do that so that’s why leaders do recommend that you start with your warm list of friends and family because they’re easy to get in. But are they going to make you millions of dollars? 

Probably not, it will probably be someone that you brought in someone who brought in someone who brought in someone who was a leader in another company and decided to grow this business, under you, and they start generating, you know, 90% of your income and you’re like, wow, who is this guy I don’t even know who it is. He’s like seven levels down. 

So that’s the other tip is that you might not recruit the million dollar earner, it might be a person that joined five levels down from you. And that’s even more exciting I think because you don’t know them, and you get to know them because they’re a leader on your team – you reach out and you’re like hey Wow, very exciting stuff you’re doing there Tom, and welcome to the team. 

So, that’s it guys, it’s a recruiting thing, it’s a numbers game. you have to keep recruiting and then you’ll start seeing people duplicating so you just keep recruiting until you see duplication and give them very simple tools to use to grow their business. 

I email my new affiliates a very simple lead generation strategy to get them going. If you have a very simple system for your team you’re going to get more duplication, but if you’re harassing them and bugging them every other day with emails going Hey. Hey, are you going to build it? Hey, where did you go? How are you going to build it? What’s going on? They’re gonna get annoyed with you and they’ll probably quit. Or they’ll find another leader to join. They don’t want to be harassed. 

I certainly didn’t want to be harassed when I joined network marketing. You know my sponsor reached out like a month later, he was like hey how are you? I’d like to introduce myself. Welcome to the team and if you need anything I’m here for you. You know, just be low key about it. 

If you’re desperate they’re gonna sense you’re desperate, they’re gonna be like wow this guy’s really desperate, he really needs my business, he must not have a big team. I must be the only person on his team because he calls me like every other day. So don’t be that kind of sponsor. You know I keep it very low key, and I have a very simple system for my team, and they’re growing fast. 

So, number three. Our last tip is mindset. So, if in the back of your mind, you don’t really believe in network marketing you’re still apprehensive about it, you’re still like, is this a pyramid scheme, I don’t know, but I want to try it. Or you’re like, you know, I’ll give this thing a little thing a month and if it doesn’t give me a million dollars I’ll quit. 

If your mindset is like that you’re gonna attract people like that. People are mirrors of yourself so you’re gonna attract the same kind of person that you are. The best way to improve your mindset is to start thinking like a network marketing leader, start reading books on network marketing. I love GoPro by Eric Worre. Also, you can go to YouTube and look up Todd Falcone, he does a lot of network marketing training. 

He’s not in any particular MLM so he’s not hyping up his business he’s a generic network marketing trainer. I used Todd and Eric Worre and Ray Higdon in the beginning. I took tons of notes, until I started increasing my belief and my mindset, around network marketing. 

So if you’re not reading books about network marketing or watching training or webinars. You’re just a sitting duck, and you’re just a hobbyist. You might be looking at it like a hobby and you can’t build this business, one hour a week, especially in the beginning. 

You can’t really treat it like a hobby. I mean you can but you’re not gonna grow a business. No one’s gonna join you because you’re lackadaisical, and you’re a hobbyist. People want to join people that are going at it full force and have excitement and momentum, and they’re like yeah, you know, let’s do this, let’s make millionaires! Let’s change some lives. 

You want to get with a leader that wants to change lives. Not someone that just spams their link in MLM Facebook groups, once a week. So if you really want to go far with your network marketing business and get duplication, you’re going to want to start investing into your business, mentally, as well. That means, ebooks, there’s a ton of network marketing books on Amazon.

So you go to Amazon and type in network marketing. In the Kindle section, you’ll come up with the top hundred network marketing books, start there and download them onto your phone or iPad whatever start reading network marketing books. Start digesting network marketing and start eating MLM for lunch – really start getting it in your pores because I mean, it could take years for you to really grasp the concept of it but once you do, you’ll never want to go back to a job. 

I mean, it is very addictive. It is very exciting, and you’re responsible for changing lives. I mean we have a vehicle here, a business model that can literally change lives. I haven’t had a regular job for almost three years now, and my wife and I are traveling America. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without network marketing. 

I’m not giving you a bunch of bs, it’s true. I’m completely grateful for it. And yes, it’s very hard. It’s a roller coaster. You’re gonna have days where you want to quit. I’ve had many many and try not to look at your stats, so much I mean, I’m a stat junkie I look at my stats every day how many views I have, how many hits I have on my website, how many hits I have on my landing pages, and you gotta just walk away sometimes.

Sometimes, my business seems to grow more when I’m not looking at my stats, you know, because if you have desperate energy your business is gonna just get stifled, it’s just gonna get clogged, and it’s gonna get constipated. The more desperate you are the more constipated your business will get. 

So try to just let go have fun, you know, if it’s summertime go for walks, go to the beach, don’t look at your stats. And, be positive, try to be positive about it, there’s gonna be crappy days, but don’t ever talk to your downline about your bad days, because that will poison your organization. You know, the word gets around fast. And, people freak out if you’re freaking out, if the sponsor is freaking out, then your team’s gonna freak out because they’re gonna be like, well, our sponsor is freaking out I wonder if they’re gonna last, maybe we should join another team, our sponsors freaking out. 

So you don’t ever want to reveal any bad days to your downline only keep your problems for your upline sponsor. So if you’re having trouble with your business, talk to your sponsor. Don’t ever talk down to your members that you recruited and say you know this sucks. Yeah I know it sucks what we’re gonna do that will just poison your downline So don’t ever do that. Keep the faith, do the reading, do the videos. And your business will skyrocket sorry if I rambled hope, hopefully there were some more nuggets in there. Love you guys, like and subscribe.