3 Important Steps when Joining a Binary MLM Company

Binary MLM Companies are the most common these days and can pay the highest amount of money. There is no income cap in MLM and earning $1 million per month is doable with a Binary MLM Company. Here’s the 3 Important Steps when Joining a Binary MLM Company.

First Step: What Package Should You Buy to Maximize Comp Plan?

It is very important to understand the packages the company offers before joining so you can decide which package will give you the most earning potential and place you at a higher rank. Most MLM companies allow you to “buy in” at a higher rank by purchasing the largest or second largest product package the company offers. Then, after the first month “buy in” you can usually maintain that rank by buying a smaller package to maintain that rank. Here’s an example:

First month you order the Big Pack: 12 products for $499 – This makes you “Executive” or “Ruby” rank in the company. (Whatever their rank names are.)

Second month and every month afterwards, you can usually a smaller pack,  6 pack at $199 for example, to keep your rank from the first month. (These prices and product amounts are just an example.) Here’s an article on How to Order Slimroast Coffee in Japan.

Study the comp plan of the company you want to join before purchasing. If you can’t afford the large pack, then simply buy what you can. You can usually upgrade later on by purchasing a larger pack which will increase your commission potential.

Second Step: Placing People in Powerleg and Small Leg

A binary MLM company uses two legs, which means you have a left leg and a right leg you have to build your organization with:

The good news is, you usually get help from your upline or sponsor in building one of your legs – this leg is called the “powerleg” and will usually show more activity when you join. You can ask your sponsor or look at your “Geneology” to see what leg has activity on it. 

So, in essence, with a binary mlm you need to build both legs in the beginning to activate certain commissions, usually it activates your ability to get “Binary Match” commissions, which you can’t get unless you personally recruit someone on each leg.

The good news is you usually only need to recruit 1 to 5 people on the powerleg before you switch over and only build your small leg out. You can usually change what leg you want to build in the “settings” or “rotator” tab in your back office. (control panel)

There’s also a method called “Three in the Tree” where you recruit and place 3 people in your powerleg, then switch legs and build out your small leg to infinity. The main point in all of this is you want to balance the group volume between legs to get paid the most. A good looking geneology would have 15,000 binary volume on both legs, instead of 5,000 bv on the left and 15,000 on the right. Recruit people you know who will order each month on your powerleg, because the sooner you secure some volume on the powerleg you can build out your small leg. Don’t worry if this is confusing. It will sink in the longer you are in the company.

Third Step: Sharing Your Website and Generating Leads

As soon as you order your products as a distributor, you have complete access to your dashboard, which can also be called your “back office.” This is where you can set up your payment processor, access your personalized websites, see your team, and see how many views your websites are getting.

Obviously, the most important thing to get your business going is to share your website to as many people as you can. You can get your website by going to the “my website” tab and copy and paste the one you like the most and save it somewhere. I like to share only “landing pages” because you can share this form and get leads from it. You can see what people have taken the free tour by looking at your “contact manager” tab. 

If you are in a company that has a built-in sales funnel already in place, simply let the MLM company email your leads for you. This is how you can recruit people without having to call or email your leads, if you don’t want to. This is how I have recruited over 800 people into network marketing. I simply generated a lot of leads over the last 5 years and let the company I was in email my leads for me. Of course, it helps if you make contacts with your prospects, but I was an introvert and didn’t want to.


There you have it! The most important steps to recap are: Order the right amount of product, find out where to place people, and find and share your personalized websites with as many people as you can. Also, teach your new reps how to show their website to as many people as they can also. You want your team recruiting consistently just like you!

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