3 Best Lead Generation Sources to Build Your Network Marketing Business

3 Best Lead Generation Sources to Build Your Network Marketing Business

So there’s only three types of leads to generate for your business and everything comes down to traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you can’t promote anything or make any money online. That’s just the bottom line is you need lots of traffic. So I’m going to talk about the three best sources of leads and traffic. The first one I call contacts. 

One – Contacts

These are people that you know, everyone from your kindergarten teacher all the way up to your spouse. These are people that you know, that you’ve made contact with. They know your name, and it can be people in previous network marketing companies, previous businesses, schoolmates from high school, college mates, friends, anyone that you know.

You probably have 500 to 2000 contacts, maybe more, and there are people that make a big income from just their contacts in network marketing, they have lots of friends on Facebook, they are extroverts, maybe they were in sports and college, and they just have tons of friends. 

And they can come into network marketing and blow up a huge team, because of all those contacts, and because they’re just outgoing, they have natural leadership skills. People want to do what those people are doing. So they attract a lot of people to them. 

Not many people have a lot of contacts like that, and they have to go another route in network marketing, and I’ll get to that in a minute. But network marketing is an extroverted game. Okay, let’s just say that the more people you know, the better off or you can talk to strangers, but we’ll get into that in a second. 

But the bottom line is you need lots and lots of traffic to your websites. If you can’t get traffic to your websites, you’re not gonna get signups. So that’s why I always hammer, you know, leads, leads, leads, get lots of leads every single day and you’ll grow a business whether you’re an extrovert or not. So number two, the best lead generation source is called your brand or just brand. 

Two – Brand

So the first one is contacts. The second one is brand. And that can be a YouTube channel. It could be your blog. It could be a website, it could be a large following on social media, could be, you know, you have 10,000 followers on Instagram, you have 5000 subscribers on YouTube, whatever it is, it’s your brand. 

You have a following on the internet, because you created your brand, and that could be a blog, YouTube. Social media. That’s basically it. It could even be ebooks. It could be you know, you’re a speaker, like Bob Proctor, you know, you could be speaking on stage every other day, and people know your name around the world. 

So whatever your brand is, you can attract lots of people to your opportunity that way, and that takes many, many years to build up. But people that join network marketing that have a big brand, usually do very well because their following will do anything that person says. 

So if someone has a big following, they could just do a MLM video really quick about their new network marketing adventure, or maybe the products of the company – like hey, you know, I just tried the best CBD in the world. Check it out. You know, and if that person said that to their social media and their YouTube and they have over 50,000 – 100,000 followers, then guess what that person is going to get 100 to 200 orders that day. So, branding is very important, but very hard to come by it takes many, many years to develop that. So you can go that route as well. 

Three – Paid

The third one is paid, I’m gonna just call it paid. It’s paid advertising, it’s buying leads, it’s buying clicks. It’s using advertising to get more traffic to your websites because the bottom line is you need lots of traffic to your website every single day. 

Most people can’t get a lot of traffic to their websites, they don’t have the first two – they don’t have enough contacts on Facebook or any contacts they want to talk to about MLM and number two, they don’t have a brand you know, maybe their Twitter is very small. Their Facebook is really small. They don’t have Instagram. 

So the third thing you can do to really get your business going is to inject capital into your business and do paid advertising. I have people on my team that are very successful just running, you know, Craigslist ads or pay per click ads using Bing advertising or Google advertising. 

It takes money to make money with number three, which is paid advertising. And you can do it and you can build a successful team. What you do is you generate lots of leads by running ads. Then when you get new people on your team, you give them that same lead generation technique that you’re using. 

Not everyone is going to do what you share, but at least give them your number one lead generation technique in a welcome email when they Sign up. 

So my welcome letter has two of my best lead generation techniques, their YouTube videos links. Because, you know, I can’t manually tell each person who joins how to do something, it’s better to do video training and just share my YouTube link. 

So that goes into the welcome email, and then the compensation plan and the presentation of the company. And that’s it. I keep it very simple, because I want people to start generating leads because that’s the name of the game in network marketing. 

So let’s reiterate really fast. The three sources, the best sources, to grow your network marketing business, number one, its contacts, so it can be your buddies from 20 years ago. It can be your spouse, it can be best friends, it can be people from preschool – I don’t care, you could create a list of everyone you know, and then circle the ones that you think are entrepreneurial types, and contact them. 

That’s what most leaders will tell you to do anyway, because these people are your warm market and the warm market is the easiest place to break into, and get people to join you because they know and trust you. Friends know you, they trust you. They’re like, Sure, I’ll sign up, you know, what are you in? You know, let’s go for it. You know, that sort of thing. 

But most of your friends and family are not going to build a big business. It’s going to be people you don’t even know. Or it can be people that are like seven levels down in your organization, and you don’t even know them. Someone else brought them in, but they’re under you in your organization and they can take off. 

So you don’t have to be the leader. You can bring in someone who knows someone who knows someone who brings that person in seven levels, 10 levels down, 20 levels down, 50 levels down. And the leader finally emerges in your organization. 

So you don’t have to be the leader. You just recruit someone who recruits someone. And that works out a lot in network marketing. You don’t bring in the leader someone else does in your organization, but you earn commissions from everyone in your team. So that’s a beautiful thing. 

So it’s contacts and then the second one is brand. You could have a large YouTube or a blog that gets 10,000 visitors a day. Whatever it is, it has to get a lot of traffic to your network marketing opportunity. Not many people have that but the ones who do have a beautiful life because whatever they promote people will buy because their channel is so big, their brand is so big that they can just get tons of signups. Then that makes them skyrocket to the top of the leaderboard. It causes a lot of excitement and creates even more momentum to build your business. 

And number three is paid – paid advertising. The best paid advertising is where the person, the prospect clicks on your offer. You’re not spamming them, you’re not buying solo ads or old email leads because you don’t really know if they’re interested. But if you do pay per click, someone clicked on your ad by their own will, okay, it’s called solicited lead generation. They want more information, they click on your ad. 

So those are the best if you go somewhere else and just buy 100 leads and pray that someone signs up, you’re probably not going to get anything because those leads have already probably been spammed 10 to 20 times by other opportunities, because people keep reselling these leads over and over. 

So not all leads are created equal. There’s really bad ones out there. There’s really old ones out there, and they’re expensive. You know, if you go look for leads, you could be spending $3 a lead. And there’s plenty of services that sell leads out there. They’re $3 each, you don’t know how many times they’ve been sold to, and you don’t know how old they are, even if they’re fresh leads, you know, you’re sharing that lead with five other people and they’re not interested. 

You know, maybe they’re interested for half a day and then they get cold. And then five people spam them, you know, and they’re just not ready. Paid advertising, where people click on your ads, those are the best ads. Okay, so I do Google Ads. Craigslist can work. If you post in sales – gigs doesn’t really work anymore. People are getting kicked off of gigs, but sales works. But you know, it’s 15 to 35 $45 in the ad. If you do small towns, it can be $15 an ad. 

So if you’re scared to spend money, you know, you’re not going to make it. Alright, so this is paid. You have to have one of these three, to make it in network marketing. There’s no other way around it. There’s no other way you need lots of traffic consistently for many, many years to come. 

So what I always tell my team is start with paid advertising. Talk to your contacts, if you know of anyone that might be interested in the business. So you start with contacts, and you do paid advertising, just to get your business off the ground that takes all the fuel to get your business off the ground. 

In the beginning, people do launch parties, they do 90 day blitzes, they really put all of their energy to get that baby off the ground, okay. Then you start creating content, because content is going to take a year or two to start showing up in Google naturally. But it’s the best traffic because it’s free, essentially. 

But you have to create content, you have to do videos like this. You have to write blog articles. You could do long posts on LinkedIn or Facebook or medium. But it takes a while for content to rise up to the first page of Google. If you get to the First Page at all, there’s a lot of competition in network marketing. 

So, you know, you might have to write 500 articles for one or two articles to show up on the first page of Google. But once you get a YouTube or a blog, generating leads every single day, then that will continue for many, many years to come. You don’t have to spend so much on buying leads or you know, running advertising. 

So that’s what leaders do. Leaders do all three, they start with their contacts, leaders will bring in people from previous MLM companies that they were in, they contact everyone in the beginning. Part of their 90 day Blitz is to contact everyone they know and say, Hey, I’m in this new deal. It’s gonna be the next CBD oil. It’s gonna be the next Bitcoin here. Here’s my link, check it out, take a free tour. 

That’s what the leaders do. They contact everyone first, then they start doing YouTube videos. They’re like, Hey, I’m in this new thing. It’s really gonna work. You know, it’s the next best thing. It’s better than CBD. It’s better than crypto, blah, blah, blah, click the link under this video to check it out. 

So they create content, then they might do a blog article, or whatever, they start creating content, then they might even drop money in paid advertising. They do all three. But eventually, the leaders just can coast on their content and their team building under them. 

So leaders bring in everyone that they know. Then they just kind of teach their team what to do. And then there’s five to 10 leaders on their team who bring in thousands of people and then that leader makes over $100,000 a month in two years. So that’s it, guys. That’s how network marketing works. Please subscribe to this Blog!