12 Benefits of Joining Mintbuilder Instead of a Binary MLM in 2021

Mintbuilder is the creation of Matt Barkes, a trader who has a long history with precious metals and founded one of the first precious metals direct selling companies in 2010 called International Silver Network.

Gold and Silver is quickly becoming a mainstream commodity as the dollar is getting less stable and governments are looking into cryptocurrency. There’s also a lot of coin shortages lately, which makes me think they want us to get used to not using physical money anymore.

Here’s the 12 Benefits of Joining Mintbuilder Instead of a Binary MLM in 2021:

One – Get a physical asset that gains value, rather than a consumable product that gets used up every month.

Two – You get the same commission rate whether you buy the $37 a month membership or the $497 package.

Three – Mintbuilder pays 50% commissions on all your team’s commissions 5 levels down.

Four – If you buy the mintbuilder platform ($37/mo), you don’t need to worry about receiving a physical product in rural parts of the world.

Five – This is not MLM, but rather Direct Selling. You won’t be pressured by a team, or get any spillover from your sponsor.

Six – There are no left or right leg requirements to receive commissions. It’s a simple uni-level plan that pays you for everyone you recruit and who your team recruits.

Seven – There are no ranks to hit to improve your commission rate. Everyone who orders the $37 membership platform and above gets the same commission rate.

Eight – You get steep discounts on silver and gold as a member. Some prices beat the big retailers, and the CEO said he would beat any online price.

Nine – Mintbuilder has a buyback program in case you want to offload your inventory.

Ten – Precious metals offset inflation and are increasing in value year after year.

Eleven – The dollar is going away – it’s a perfect time to invest in metals.

Twelve – You get your own online store and the company ships directly to your customers. You also get a landing page and marketing funnel.

Take a Free Tour Into Mintbuilder and Grab Some Free Silver HERE

Mintbuilder is the best paying direct selling company in the precious metals space. There’s really no competition in this arena, and once you build a team, those 50% team commissions really start to add up. 

Most people can’t afford $200 a month on a man-made MLM product that claims to perform miracles, and if you want to promote CBD in a MLM you can forget talking about the benefits and what it does for you because the company will fire you and the fda will crack down on any claims the company or the distributors make.

Gold and Silver should be in everyone’s survival stockpile, along with your long-term food supply. I rather be stuck with gold coins than crypto when Armageddon hits. My neighbor will most likely trade a loaf of bread with me for a silver coin rather than .000035 of Bitcoin I have on some debit card. Just my opinion. Thanks for reading! 

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Erik Johnson

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