10 Best MLM Companies in Singapore for 2023

Network marketing has touched all areas of the world. With markets hitting anything from beauty to travel to bitcoin, it seems this business strategy has helped to grow businesses across all sorts of industries. A truly genius strategy, network marketing has transformed the way direct sales and MLM companies do business, enabling Singaporeans to reach higher levels of success and enrichment.

Singapore is no different in how network marketing has impacted business, with many companies taking the business industry by storm in this country. Here are the 10 best network marketing companies in Singapore to join in 2022 and 2023.

Top 10 Best Network Marketing Businesses For Singapore In 2022 And 2023

10. Forever Living – Founded in 1978, Forever Living is a company set to make people’s lives healthier and happier. The company remains a privately owned, family oriented business set to enrich the lives of others and growing success along the way. With products sourced naturally to help supplement your life, Forever Living aims to see the products speak for themselves and focuses on the quality of the ingredients. This has led the company to become a multibillion dollar company. Network marketing is largely to thank for this success as it has allowed the company to reach places all over the globe.

9. World Ventures – Founded in 2005, World Ventures is relatively new to the direct sales and network marketing world. Cultivated on the spirit of core values that hold travel, community, and experience as the focus of company to enrich the lives of members in emotional, spiritual, and financial ways. As a unique company in the network marketing world, World Ventures ensures that they hold one another up to truly change lives. Part travel agency, part small business development, World Ventures aims to celebrate and challenge members in their goals and path to success in 2023.

8. Melaleuca – Founded in 1985, Melaleuca is a wellness company that aims to enhance the lives of people all over the globe. With a mission to help people reach their wellness and health goals, Melaleuca has stayed faithful along the way and has seen great success as a result. Offering over 400 product options and aiming to help at any part of someone’s wellness journey, Melaleuca has grown into a company averaging over $2 billion in revenue annually. Network marketing helped the company to reach a global success and the company only continues to grow today.

7. Amway – With a product that had no true competition, but that was well received, Amway was a success before the company even knew it. Two family men decided to quit their business world jobs and form their own business because they wanted more for their families. Amway was born when they released Liquid Organic Cleaner, the first concentrated biodegradable cleaner on the market. Fast forward to today, where the company offers an amazing variety of products from cleaning supplies to beauty products, and the success is out of this world. Network marketing has only cemented Amway into being a continuous forerunner in the direct sales world.

6. Herbalife – Founded in sunny California in 1980, Herbalife was likely predicted to not go the furthest when it comes to direct sales companies. As a wellness company, the competition was fierce and there is always a ton of hot new things coming out in that market. Boy were any doubters wrong if they thought this way. Herbalife took off and quickly became a household name all over the world. With network marketing on its side, Herbalife was destined to make it big, and it did just that.

5. Nikken – In 1975, Nikken was founded on the Five Pillars of Health. These are Mind, Body, Family, Society, and Finance. Believing that the healthy balance between these can help to make living more than just existing. As a wellness company taking advantage of the network marketing strategy that has taken business by storm, Nikken is able to stand out among many wellness companies in the Singaporean market.

4. NuSkin – What helps a network marketing company find even greater success once they are successful is the honor and respect they can earn when they give back from that success. NuSkin exemplifies this as they have grown so much since the company was founded in 1984. As an antiaging company in a world that works to look young, the company has become a multibillion dollar network marketing company. From that, the company donated $8 million in 2018 towards efforts to feed the hungry children all over the world.

3. Usana – With pillars of excellence, healthy, community, and integrity, Usana was built on a solid mission to help enrich people’s lives. The company is backed by health and science experts and offers health supplements that aim to help people live healthier pain free lives. The mission also aims to help those suffering from degenerative diseases to slow the degeneration and live happier lives. With celebrity endorsements and network marketing, Usana has grown widely popular and successful as a result.

2. Tupperware – With what seemed like an early unsuccessful business venture, Tupperware easily turned around what could have been a failure and has become one of the widest known and used products in the world. Founded in 1946, Tupperware began in supermarkets but quickly transitioned into direct sales so that its fresh food savers could be demonstrated to customers in the home. Partner the success after the transition with network marketing, and we have the Tupperware of today – a household name and product on a global scale for Singapore MLMers. It is even a publicly held company how and shares of its stock can be purchased in the market around the world.

1. Mintbuilder – Best Gold & Silver MLM in Singapore

Network marketing is a truly unique but incredibly successful business strategy that is flipping the business world upside down. With more and more companies jumping on the successful strategy, it is important that a business stands out among the rest and offer something unique and incomparable to others of similar nature. Mintbuilder is truly the best MLM company for 2023 in Singapore.

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