10 Best MLM Companies in Latvia for 2023

The latest and possibly most successful business craze to take the world is network marketing. The world has fallen into a social networking frenzy, opening a whole new concept to businesses and marketing. Network marketing is using this platform to promote a company and gain business. Multi-level marketing (MLM) is pure genius for growing passive income and diversified revenue streams!

While network marketing is expectedly a hot trend in the United States, it has actually become a global phenomenon. Europe has done remarkably well with network marketing as well, including Latvia. Here we will explore the top 10 network marketing companies in Latvia for 2022 and 2023.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Latvia For 2022-2023

10. Time Is Now – As one of the fastest growing anti-aging companies, Time Is Now has made great lengths in the network marketing world in a short amount of time. Focused on organic products based on stem cell research, Time Is Now tends to stand out among the rest. With a 300% growth from 2021-2022, Time Is Now has made waves and only continues to grow, taking the world by storm. With a high end commission and budding opportunity, this is a company sure to see continued success and growth in years to come.

9. Amway – Founded in 1959 by two family men trying to make a difference in how their families lived, Amway stood out among other companies for its unique product. As the first biodegradable and environmentally friendly concentrated cleaning product, Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.) had no competition from the start, making it incredibly successful. Once the company continued to develop and produce other products, the success only grew from there. Combined with the network marketing approach, Amway took off. Now Amway is one of the top MLM companies and offers a wide variety of products to include household cleaning supplies, health supplements, and beauty products.

8. Herbalife – Herbalife is a global company that has helped thousands upon thousands with their nutrition and weight management. Herbalife was founded in 1980 in California and continues to grow with new representatives signing up on a daily basis all over the world. This holds true in Latvia as well, where the company has seen continued success in the direct sales and network marketing industry.

7. Lux – As a company which has developed into a healthy living initiative, Lux centers around improving the quality of life for people through clean air, water purity, and overall improved environments. Lux prides itself on establishing a great impact on customers with the quality and durability of products and services offered as well as making it possible for people to employee themselves and thus make their lives better. By helping others help others, Lux aims to make widespread impacts all over the globe, and they are well on their way of doing so thanks to the benefits and growth in network marketing.  

6. Mary Kay – Founded in 1963, Mary Kay was a beauty brand launched to empower women and change how women operate in the business world. Within a decade, Mary Kay went international with its beauty and skincare products, making it a trendsetting on a global scale. Mary Kay aimed to help other succeed and to leave a lasting legacy for distributors to follow for years to come. Combined with the social world we live in and using network marketing, Mary Kay has grown all across the globe and continues to be one of the forefront beauty MLM companies in the world.

5. NeoLife – Through his own struggles with his health as a child, Founder Jerry Brassfield always found a way to harness his entrepreneurial spirit to work towards a goal of a better future. When introduced to alternative health supplements, he saw the great benefits they could have, and NeoLife was born. With a direct selling initiative, and through network marketing, NeoLife has seen widespread success. Backing the products with science has long attributed to the success of NeoLife, and the company is sure to continue to grow as more products develop and as more people see the great benefits that can be offered.

4. NL International – As another company aimed to help people gain control over their health and nutrition, NL International markets products by Beautysane, in an approach to provide quality support to clients. With a 97% satisfaction rating, NL International allows representatives to build their own success while helping others succeed as well. Currently in 17 countries across the globe, NL International is a highly successful network marketing company in Latvia.

3. Oriflame – Oriflame is one of the leading beauty product companies in their industry in most of the 60 countries the company serves. Currently headquartered in Switzerland, the Dutch company offers high end beauty and cosmetic products. As a company that is paving a way for women to start their own businesses, Oriflame is empowering women with the unique opportunity to gain sales experience and share beauty with others.

2. Zinzino – Founded in 2005, ZinZino sought out to change people’s lives through the power of coffee. Starting with espresso machines in coffee houses, Zinzino rapidly grew throughout Europe. In 2009, the company became a part of the stock market, allowing anyone to invest in the business. With a continual growth and increase in profit over the years, Zinzino continued to spread across Europe and grow into different markets. Now offering health supplements and other products, Zinzino aims to hit over 1 million customers.  

1. Hempworx – Truly at the forefront of the network marketing race is Hempworx, now owned by My Daily Choice. With CBD oil as the primary product first offered by Hempworx, the company quickly took the market by storm and hasn’t stopped yet. With the promise of becoming a $22 billion industry, Hempworx is well on the way of fulfilling this. In 2017, the company made $10 million in sales only to far and wide surpass that amount in 2022 with $150 million in sales. Hempworx not only offers highly popular products, but also offers a unique recruiting experience, taking the company global and growing it at a very rapid pace for Latvians.

All in all, network marketing is quickly becoming a global trend in 2023. Direct sales will never be the same now that social media and online platforms have proven to be so successful in this business approach. The time is now to join the ranks of network marketers all over the world, including Latvia.  

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