10 Best MLM Companies in Finland for 2023

Our world has become heavily associated with social media and networking platforms, with much of our communications and connections made through technology. It is no wonder than direct sales took this and ran with it when network marketing strategies came into play. As a method to get a lot of traffic to see your MLM business, network marketing is genius and has proven to be a great opportunity for success in businesses.

Finland is no stranger to network marketing companies. Like much of Europe, Finland was introduced to direct sales and network marketing propelled them into exponential success in the country. Here are the top 10 network marketing companies and direct selling businesses that are sure to continue to thrive in 2023 for Finnish distributors.

Top 10 Best Finland MLM Companies For 2022-2023

10. Amway – Nothing can drive someone to success like the goals for their family. This was the motivation behind two businessmen coming together to found and launch Amway in 1959. Their first product was a concentrated biodegradable cleaner called Liquid Organic Orange, LOC, which was the first of its kind in the industry. Fast forward to today, where network marketing has taken the company far beyond what the founders ever dreamt of, and the company offers various lines of cleaning supplies, health supplements and beauty products. With a history of success and a diverse product offering, Amway will continue to be successful.

9. Partylite – As a bit of a standout in the popular network marketing company ranks, PartyLite is a direct sales company focused on home goods and party needs. With décor from a variety of styles and categories, as well as a great selection of household goods, PartyLite is leading the market for party planning through direct sales companies. This area has grown rapidly in recent years, and PartyLite is offering just the right products to launch this trend into success. With network marketing on its side, PartyLite is sure to continue to gain popularity all over.

8. Usana – Usana is built on a strong base for success, with its mission set among the pillars of excellence, health, integrity, and community. Offering a variety of health supplements backed by science and health experts, Usana aims to help people to live pain free lives and to fight degenerative disease. Partnered with celebrity endorsements, Usana has grabbed onto the network marketing way of business and has seen quite the rate of success as a result.

7. Melaleuca – As a wellness company, Melaleuca has quite the large industry to make a name for itself, but the company has done just that. Founded in 1985 with the mission to enhance people’s lives, Melaleuca has seen great success with no indication that that will end any time soon. The company offers more than 400 products, truly having something for everyone. With an annual revenue that exceeds $2 billion, the company has by and large seen great success in a very competitive market.

6. doTerra – Quickly taking the world by storm as a leader in the sales of essential oils, doTerra was founded in 2008. Seeking to show the world the therapeutic properties of essential oils, doTerra sources all the oils from natural sources to provide these ‘gifts of the earth’. Founded by a group of healthcare professionals, the company stood out among the others in its industry and knew they were unique. With network marketing on its side, doTerra took off quickly and hasn’t stopped since.

5. Mary Kay – Mary Kay Ash started her business in 1963 after deciding that the business world wouldn’t be exclusive to men. In only ten years, the business had grown into an international cosmetics company, setting trends across the globe. Mary kay wished to leave behind a legacy that would continue through generations. Mary Kay remains at the forefront of the cosmetic industry spanning the world thanks to the social and network marketing world.

4. Vorwerk – Originally founded as a carpet company, Vorwerk has over 130 years of history as it was founded in 1883! Vorwerk has grown into the company it is today, offering a wide array of goods to include household products, cosmetics, power tools, and, as an ode to its origin, flooring. This diversity allows for a larger audience pool and opens up more opportunity for anyone who joins to be successful. Partnering with a network marketing plan has really pushed the success of Vorwerk over the top.

3. Herbalife – Herbalife has become a global name. You can find an Herbalife representative nearly anywhere on earth.  This company is well known due to their mission to help people get their health back and their wellness on track for a long healthy life. Herbalife has grown considerably through the network marketing approach. Already popular all over the world, Herbalife is only sure to continue to thrive and help people meet their health goals.

2. Oriflame – Now in over 60 countries worldwide, Oriflame has become one of the leading beauty and skincare companies in the industry. This Dutch company has offered high end beauty and skincare since its inception and continues to provide only the best for its clients. With an opportunity to run their own beauty business, clients who join are met with a unique sales opportunity that allows them to gain the experience as a businessperson they desire. Combined with network marketing, Oriflame has grown into the highly successful company it is today.

1. Valentus – As a weight loss aid and management company, Valentus ranks among the top of the network marketing industry. With supplements and coffee aids to help people with energy, appetite, and overall wellness, Valentus truly encompasses its name which means ‘to prevail’. Helping their clients lead better lives and reach financial wellness through an unmatched compensation plan, Valentus shows great promise to continue along this trajectory of success.

Network marketing is a business strategy here for the long haul for Finnish MLM reps. Since it took root in the direct sales companies of today, this strategy has grown in popularity and continues to do so every day. Touching all corners of the globe, network marketing has garnered success for thousands and thousands of people. With a solid success outcome, there is no reason to change how direct sales are approached with the social and technical world we live in today going into 2023.

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