10 Best MLM Companies for Thailand for 2023

Network marketing is an amazing business strategy that has driven the world of direct sales to all new heights. With automation and email becoming such prominent strategy for business, network marketing has brought this into the hands of companies worldwide and has then driven those companies into successful international markets.

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Thailand is no stranger to this, and has quite the assortment of highly successful network marketing companies. Here are the 10 Best MLM Companies for Thailand in 2022 and 2023 to join for potential profits.

10 Top Multi-Level Marketing Businesses In Thailand For 2023

10. Melaleuca – As a wellness company in a highly competitive market, Melaleuca aims to set itself apart from all the rest. Founded in 1985, Melaleuca wishes to help enhance the lives of people all over the world.

Melaleuca has stayed faithful to its beliefs and goals over the years and now offers over 400 products that promote health and wellness and aim to help people all along the path of their wellness journey. Now averaging over $2 billion in annual revenue, Melaleuca is among many of the network marketing charts all over the globe. Thai entrepreneurs can earn plush profits with this top MLM company in 2023.

9. Arbonne – Founded in Norway in 1965, Arbonne began as a line for skincare and cosmetics that aimed to be incomparable to any other. The company wanted no other skincare products to match them in quality and purity standards as well as in the results seen after use.

While offering these products, Arbonne also aimed to provide a unique business opportunity that helped people seek financial and professional wellness and growth. Starting with only 19 products and a handful of people, Arbonne has sense grown in to a global company with over $500 million in annual revenue.

8. Jeunesse – Founded on September 9, 2009 at 9pm, Jeunesse fully encompasses longevity which is what the number 9 symbolizes. Focused on helping people reach their full potentials towards a healthy and happy life, Jeunesse is one of the most successful companies in the antiaging market.

With a support system built like family, Jeunesse aims to always have a reliable support system for their clients and to help one another grow towards success. As a highly successful company, Jeunesse shows no indication of ending that success and is sure to continue to grow.

7. Mannatech – Founded in 1994, Mannatech has worked hard to remain true to their roots and keeping their integrity along the way. Offering the best in nutritional supplements, Mannatech recognizes the growth in the industry and the new discoveries in the science that backs the system through the years. Alongside this growth, the company itself has grown in business strategy and success, entering into the global market with great promise for a rewarding future.

6. Alliance in Motion – Also called AIM Global, this company was founded in 2005 to provide top of the line products and services. Quickly gaining international success, the company offers health and wellness products and has a business plan like no other. With a very pro-distributor outlook, the company has seen remarkable growth as people have flocked to the opportunity for success. With such success, the company gives back across many charitable campaigns and foundations.

5. Menard Cosmetics – Offering skincare, makeup, and other personal care items, Menard Cosmetics has a long list of competing companies within their direct sales market. Setting them apart is their mission to seek true beauty. Menard aims to help consumers find their own beauty, using whatever combination of products that works best for them and makes them feel happiest.

By treating everyone with kindness, Menard also tries to instill that mindset into their consumers so that they can grow in their wellness and love for themselves. With this, the company has seen great success and growth since its inception, showing that network marketing and integrity really can succeed.

4. New Era Health Industry Group – As a company that offers food products and nutritional services, New Era Health Industry Group stands out more in top network marketing charts. While there are many companies that may offer similar products and guides, none compare to what can be offered by New Era Health Industry Group.

With green healthcare items, nutritious food, and more, this company is a step above the rest. Also working towards conservation efforts and a more energy friendly process, New Era Health Industry Group is truly going above and beyond in their efforts to make the world healthier in 2023.

3. Tiens – Tiens began as a company that was offering traditional Chinese medicinal supplements and products that included coffee products and calcium supplements. Since being founded in 1995, the company has grown their offering and has seen international success. The company has many accomplishments and awards for their success and truly has grown to new heights. By treating people from the inside out with all sorts of products and aids, the company helps people live better lives and happier lives.

2. Better Way Co – Founded in 1991, Better Way CO has been one of the top direct selling cosmetic companies in Thailand ever since. Offering products from personal care to makeup to fragrance and skincare, Better Way Co has something that can appeal to anyone, making it highly marketable across a diverse audience. Staying true to its initial company values and goals, Better Way Co has seen a maintained success and will be sure to continue to as well.

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Network marketing is a business strategy that has taken off with no signs to slow down. A number of companies have jumped on the opportunity to grow their business using this strategy and have seen remarkable success as a result. It is no wonder that this has become such a successful business model as companies not only see success using it, but continue to succeed for a long time. Thai business builders will profit plentifully with this leading network marketing business opportunity in 2023. 

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