10 Best Network Marketing Businesses in Croatia 2021

Anyone who is even the slightest bit involved in the business world has at least heard about network marketing. This is the business trend that is taking the world by storm and that is sure to drive the way business continues to grow.

The western business world has fully embraced the approach of network marketing, with many direct sales companies using this route to promote and grow business. It’s no surprise that Europe has quickly followed suit, with many companies of their own beginning and blossoming into worldwide leaders. Here are the top 10 network marketing companies in Croatia.

10. ACN – As a truly intercontinental company, ACN can be found on 5 of the 7 continents and has been in business for over 26 years. Founded by four businessmen who wanted to share their interests in direct sales, ACN was built on integrity, solid business plans, and the commitment to serve the people. The approach of having a solid foundation on which to build took ACN towards the top of the telecommunication network marketing charts. The company is a powerhouse as one of the largest in their field, but they also serve the people in that they give back through their success, even founding its own charitable campaign to give back.

9. Amway – When two businessmen decided they wanted to change the course of the futures for their families, Amway was born. Founded in 1959, the first product from Amway was the first ever concentrated but biodegradable and environmentally friendly household cleaner. This product was called Liquid Organic Cleaner, or L.O.C. This product had next to no competition, bringing the company a lot of early success and growth. Over the years the company has expanded to include beauty products, health supplements, and even more cleaning supplies, making the company that much more marketable. Combined with network marketing strategies, Amway has grown so much over the years and continues to rest towards the top of the MLM company charts.

8. Avon – Avon is almost a household name in the Western Hemisphere. As the leading beauty company in the direct sales market, Avon has easily become one of the leaders on a now global scale. With over 130 years in the industry, Avon is no stranger to the sales industry and knows what it takes to grow the business. With the use of network marketing, Avon has been able to grow even faster and far and wide across the world. With popular brands such as ANEW, Avon, mark., and Skin So Soft, Avon is well known, well liked, and doing well with no inkling of slowing down. Avon empowers women through opportunity but also with giving back towards research and organizations associated with breast cancer and domestic violence survivors.

7. NuSkin – With everyone looking to look and feel younger, it’s no surprise that NuSkin is among the top network marketing MLM companies. As a global enterprise, NuSkin offers a variety of antiaging products to include skin care, personal care, and supplements. From 1984 to 2018, NuSkin grew into a $2.68 billion company. In turn, the company has founded and given to charities to help those in need through their continued success. Focusing on the health and wellbeing of children, NuSkin donated over $8 million to help feed those children who go hungry in 2018.

6. Herbalife – Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a nutrition and weight management company. You can find an Herbalife representative nearly anywhere, as the company has since gone global with the initiative to promote wellness. Herbalife continues to grow each day as the network marketing strategy has proven to be quite successful for the company. Based in California, Herbalife is able to reach people all over the world thanks to social platforms and the network marketing approach.

5. Oriflame – Currently found in over 60 countries worldwide, Oriflame is a beauty product company leading the industry in many of those countries. This Dutch company offers high end beauty products, offering women the opportunity to start their own high end sales business. With headquarters now in Switzerland, Oriflame has continued to grow and expand their outreach, showing continued promise to lead the beauty industry to new heights.  

4. Energetix – In 1997, Energetix was founded and started offering products that promote nutrition, therapeutic benefits, and purification. With forward thinking healthcare professionals backing the science behind the supplements and products, Energetix aims to work towards introducing bioenergetics medicine to the world. The products combine to influence the body’s natural energetic fields to best invigorate each and every person. A network marketing approach has taken this company to the next level, allowing it to reach the masses like never before.

3. Usana – Founded on the four principles of excellence, community, integrity, and health, Usana has a strong foundation on which to build their future as a leading health supplement company. The health benefits from Usana aim to collaborate with leading experts in the field to provide supplements needed to live a pain free life and to fight degenerative diseases. With celebrity endorsements and the network marketing strategy, Usana has gone worldwide and continues to grow towards its goals.

2. LR Health & Beauty – With what started in 1985 under ‘LR Cosmetic’, this company has quickly grown to become one of the most successful direct sales companies in Europe. Serving over 28 countries, LR Health & Beauty aims to produce high quality products and help many. With over 2.7 million packages shipped each year, the company is more than booming. Because of this, they are able to give back and have done so since 2009, helping children around the world in need. LR Health & Beauty truly encompasses the success that can be made through networking marketing.

1. Hempworx – Hempworx is arguably one of the fastest growing and most successful companies to begin in network marketing. Hempworx started with CBD oil as the primary product, but has since grown to include other supplements and products. With this product line promising to become a $22 million industry, Hempworx is well on the way of becoming the company that takes it there. In a year’s time, the company went from $9 million in sales to $100 million in sales revenue. With a highly popular product line and a unique recruitment system, Hempworx shows no intention of slowing down.

Network marketing is the business strategy that shows no indication of slowing down. This approach has forever changed the direct sales business, but only for the better. With the world living through social platforms, network marketing is the foolproof way to success.

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