Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Bulgaria 2024

top mlm companies in Bulgaria best network marketing businesses ranked sofia

Network marketing is the latest trend for the business world in Bulgaria, specifically in the direct sales market. Gone are the times of going door to door to make sales and to grow business as a Bulgarian. With MLM companies popping up left and right in Sofia, network marketing is the key to growing business efficiently.


Not only has network marketing taken the business world by storm, but this strategy has branched out to all over the world. Popular in other parts of the world, network marketing has expanded internationally and has been taken to new heights for Bulgarians. Bulgaria is included as one of the nations to have seen great success in network marketing. Here are the top 10 network marketing companies in Bulgaria for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Bulgaria For 2024

1. LiveGood  – Do you really want to live good with your MLM business? Then join LiveGood for their astronomically low price, excellent products, and unmatched compensation plan for Bulgarians. LiveGood is leveraging the growing membership marketplace trend and using affordable products to help sales and recruiting efforts. This is a network marketing opportunity that Bulgarian recruiters and sellers should not miss out on for powerful potential profits.

2. Energetix – As a nutrition based MLM company, Energetix was founded in 1997 where they offered therapeutic benefits through nutritional supplements. Backed by the science and word of initiative taking scientists, Energetix works to produce the best bioenergetics products to the world. Designed to influence the body’s natural energy, Energetix products are made to combine and invigorate each person. This company has seen great success with this approach for Bulgarian entrepreneurs, partnered with the network marketing business strategy.

3. Amway – Amway was founded in 1959 when two businessmen realized they wanted to go the extra mile to better provide for their families. With the first product being an environmentally friendly concentrated cleaner called Liquid Organic Cleaner, there was next to no competition in the market, allowing Amway to grow quickly. With the introduction of new products such as cleaning supplies, health supplements, and beauty products, Amway grew more successful with network marketing. Among the top of the MLM business charts, Amway shows only continued promise for growing success for motivated Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

4. Juice Plus – Over thirty years ago Juice Plus was created to develop products that had more humble and earlier beginnings. The company actually originated as a public safety initiative with the production of fire and smoke detectors. Once the company expanded into water and air filtration, Juice Plus quickly followed. Now in over 20 countries, Juice Plus continues to strive towards healthier living. With fruit and vegetable supplements, Juice Plus has hit the network marketing business with great promise and continues to succeed even as we enter 2024.

5. Natura4ever –  As one more health initiative multi-level marketing company, Natura4ever focuses on wellness products backed with a support system built through the network marketing strategy. With innovative wellness products and the support team necessarily to build a better life, Natura4Ever has been in business for over 40 years. Natural products focusing on better health at the cellular level, Natura4ever strives to help people at the most basic level.

6. NL International – NL International is another successful and rising network marketing company aiming to help people control their health. Marketing products from Beautysane, NL International seeks to provide support to clients and has received a 97% satisfaction rating as a result of the help others to succeed to succeed yourself mentality. Serving over 17 countries across the world, NL International is quickly rising to the top of the network marketing charts and shows great promise to continue to succeed.

7. Nu Skin – As an antiaging product company, Nu Skin is among the leading network marketing companies. With skin care products, health supplements, and personal care items, NuSkin offers a variety of antiaging products to customers. Founded in 1984, Nu Skin grew into a $2.68 billion company by 2018. With such success, the company had network marketing to thank and then gave back by donating over $8 million to help feed starving children over the world.

8. Usana – With the pillars of excellence, community, integrity, and health, Usana was built on a strong foundation for success. As a leading health supplement company, Usana aims to collaborate with experts in the scientific and health fields to produce products aimed to allow consumers to live pain free lives and to fight degenerative diseases. With the network marketing approach, partnered with celebrity endorsements, Usana is a worldwide company that only continues to grow. There are few MLM companies that can beat the quality and consistency of Usana in Bulgaria for 2023.

9. LR Health & Beauty – Originally founded under the name LR Cosmetic in 1985, this company grew rapidly into one of the most successful beauty direct sales companies in Europe. Currently serving over 28 countries, LR Health & Beauty produces high quality beauty and health products. The company is extremely successful, shipping nearly 3 million shipments worldwide every year. With such success, the company has been able to give back and help children in need since 2009. This is the type of success made possible through network marketing profits.

10. My Daily Choice – Promising to be a $22 billion industry, the CBD oil business is quickly growing. A prime example of this is Hempworx. Founded in 2014, this company has already grown exponentially in the short amount of time it has been in business. Jumping from $9 million in profit in 2017 to over $100 million in 2018, Hempworx (now owned by My Daily Choice) is sure to continue to grow due to their CBD products and automated recruiting system in 2023 for Bulgarian business builders. Hempworx is now owned by My Daily Choice and added Akashx to their company portfolio as well.

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No matter what company you would choose, there is plenty of potential for success to be found in a network marketing company for Bulgarians. There is promise for quick and high profit as well as support and networking necessary to become a powerful and successful businessperson in 2023-2024.

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