10 Best MLM Companies in the Philippines for 2021

Network marketing is the business plan of today and of the future. With direct sales companies popping up left and right, there is no better strategy than the utilization of the online networking world we now live in. The Philippines is no exception to this, and there are a number of MLM companies for 2020-2021 thriving there today that are based heavily on network marketing.

Here’s the 10 Best MLM Companies in the Philippines for 2021.

10. Jeunesse – Among many antiaging companies out there today, Jeunesse finds itself as one of the more successful on the network marketing platform. Helping people reach their full potential is the goal of the company as they try to build a network of support, much like a family, among its clients. The company fully embraces longevity in that it launched on September 9, 2009 at 9pm as the number 9 symbolizes longevity. With such a mantra, the company is set up for a lifetime of success and great things to come!

9. Unilever Network – Unilever is truly a global company, serving over 150 countries across the world. This parent MLM company has a network base of over 2 billion people globally and has over 400 brands to its name, most of which belong to the health and life improvement category. People use Unilever products on a daily basis and continues to be one of the world’s leading companies on multiple markets today. Coupled with the success found in network marketing, Unilever continues to grow and thrive as the business market changes.

8. NuSkin – Focused on antiaging products, NuSkin was founded in 1984, and has had nothing but success from its inception. With MLM products such as antiaging supplements and personal care items, this company has made waves in the network marketing beauty world. In 2018, NuSkin had over $2 billion in sales revenue, donating $8 million of that to children who suffer from hunger across the world. This top MLM company is honorable and successful, but continues to pay the success forward by founding and giving to numerous charities each and every year. NuSkin is definitely one of the best MLM companies in the Philippines and beyond for 2021.

7. Forever Living – Established in 1978, Forever Living has grown into a multibillion dollar business that is focused on health and wellness. While remaining a privately owned company, Forever Living has grown thanks to the network marketing strategy and continues to do so. Founder Rex Maughan aimed to let the products speak for themselves, which is exactly what they did. With a commitment to help their clients succeed, Forever Living aims to promote wellness, all the way around. With family at its forefront, Forever Living also aims to do things the right and most healthy way possible in the Philippines for 2021.

6. AIM Global – Alliance in Motion, or AIM, Global is a multi-level marketing company was founded on changing lives. Through innovation and the goals to promote promising products, this company has seen great success with network marketing. Giving back to charitable programs, AIM Global prides itself on the business model they have built. As a company promoting antiaging products, AIM Global is in a growing and thriving market, furthering their success.

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5. Avon – Without question, Avon is one of the top beauty network marketing companies in the United States. It is then no surprise that Avon finds itself as a leading beauty company across the globe. With 130 years under its belt, this company has empowered women for years and given back all over the world. Avon offers skincare and beauty products than are among the popular brands of ANEW, Skin so Soft, mark., and Avon color. This company is successful but shares that success and women empowerment by giving back to breast cancer research and domestic violence outreach.

4. Nutricium Nature’s Wealth – This company promotes superior nutrition to better each and everyone’s lives. They promote a healthy lifestyle surrounding wellness values. Calling themselves ‘Nutripreneurs’, Nutricium is dedicated to serving the Philippines as a company devoted to long term health. By keeping these values strong and helping their clients further this success and dedication. Partnered with a network marketing approach, Nutricium has found great success in the Philippines.

3. Zynergia – Another wellness initiative company, Zynergia aims to base their company on integrity and honesty. By promoting empowerment through wellness, Zynergia seeks to help their members live healthy, happy, and sustained lives. Products of Zynergia include food and health supplements. Derived from the greek word ‘synergia’ meaning ‘working together’, Zynergia aims to do just that, building a diverse network of supportive individuals working together as a team towards better health and lifestyles. The network marketing plan from this company has driven the success and has allowed the company to reach far and wide.

2. Lifestyles – A global MLM company surrounding a proven therapeutic product, whose formula has remained unaltered for 27 years, Lifestyles aims to change just that – the lifestyles of their clients. Founded in 1989, Lifestyles set out as a wellness company that hoped to produce innovative products that would change the world. They are doing just that today, as network marketing has taken the company to global heights. One of the leading health companies in the market today, Lifestyles offers great support and products to truly change lives.

1. Mintbuilder – Is the Best Gold & Silver MLM in the Philippines

No matter where you go on earth, a network marketing company is leading the business market today. From healthcare, to cleaning supplies, to antiaging products, almost anything can be made into a direct sales product and therefore a network marketing company that is sure to blossom into great success in the Philippines for 2021 and beyond. 

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