10 Best MLM Companies in the Netherlands for 2023

Network Marketing is far from limited to the United States. The network marketing business has gone global, with significant growth in Europe, including the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have always housed a large population of true entrepreneurs. The Dutch first introduced currency when they would trade Tulips for products all over the world.

With this spirit, it is no surprise that the Netherlands would welcome an opportunity such as network marketing. This not only encompasses direct sales, but allows for the building of residual income.

As the network marketing business takes off in the Netherlands, we will explore the top 10 best MLM companies there to join in 2022 and 2023.

Top 10 Best MLM Businesses To Join In The Netherlands For 2022-2023

10. Avon – As the leading direct sales beauty company in North America, Avon has quickly become a leading cosmetic and personal care company on a global scale. With award winning skincare and beauty products, Avon has a lengthy 130 year portfolio that has empowered women and given back worldwide.

Avon products include many popular brands such as ANEW, Avon Color, Skin So Soft, and mark., but also features accessories and fashion items. Avon not only caters to the beauty product world, but also provides economic opportunity to women and gives back toward breast cancer research and the fight against domestic violence.

9. Oriflame – Another leading MLM company, Oriflame also spans the globe. In over 60 countries, Oriflame leads the beauty marker in many of their locations.

Originally founded in Sweden, the beauty company is now headquartered in Switzerland, offering a variety of higher end beauty products. With a unique sales opportunity, Oriflame offer’s its representatives the ability and chance to start their own high end beauty business.

8. Vorwerk – Founded in 1883 and with over 130 years of history, Vorwerk may be a bit surprising to find on this list. As a company initially founded as a carpet company, Vorwerk has grown to become an international business that remains family owned to this day.

Now offering household products from vacuum cleaners to power tools, cosmetics, and flooring, Vorwerk has a diverse marketing ability and audience potential. It’s no wonder they are taking the network marketing world by storm with their business history and diverse product availability.

7. Amway – As the first biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning product that was also concentrated, Liquid Organic Cleaner (L.O.C.) had a wide market with little to no competition early on.

Founded in 1959 by a pair of men who wanted to provide more for their families, Amway launched L.O.C. and the rest was history. With the company now spanning from household cleaning supplies to beauty products and health supplements, Amway is only continuing to grow and succeed.

6. ACN – Found on 5 of our 7 continents, ACN has been in business for over 26 years. When four entrepreneurs came together to form a cohesive company that shared their common direct sales interests, ACN was born. With a foundation built on integrity, sound business plans, and a commitment to serving the masses, it’s no wonder that ACN ranks among the top global network marketing businesses.

With an approach towards technology and communications, ACN is a true powerhouse in their field, as they are the world’s largest direct sales company in this area. Not only has this company helped countless on their way to success, but the company founded a charitable campaign to further reach those who need help the most.

5. Reliv – With a brag worthy retention rate of 65%, it is no wonder that Reliv sits on the list as one of the best network marketing companies. With its marketing targeting a wellness initiative that pays off in multiple ways, Reliv has a great success rate among direct sales companies.

With a money back guarantee for any new distributors, Reliv puts the trust that their product is successful and promising where they put their money and has done so for 30 years.

Reliv strives to make sure distributors work for themselves, but never by themselves with a great networking strategy and support system, making it truly a unique wellness initiative through network marketing.

4. Herbalife – Nearly everyone has heard of Herbalife. That goes to show why there is no shock here that Herbalife makes the list as one of the best network marketing companies in the Netherlands. Founded in 1980, this company continues to grow each and every day.

While Herbalife is a California based company, it has reached a global market with matching success. With its product focus on weight management and healthy supplemental nutrition, Herbalife has a solid place in the network marketing industry.

3. NuSkin – Founded in 1984, NuSkin is a direct sales company focused on antiaging products spanning supplements and personal care products. As a truly global company focused on a market that is only growing in popularity, NuSkin has exponentially made waves in the network marketing world.

With a global sales revenue of $2.68 billion in 2018, the company is more than successful. Because of this, they have created charities and gave back over $8 million to those children in need across the globe in 2018. Focused significantly on feeding the hungry children of the world, NuSkin is an honorable and successful company to join.

2. Juice Plus – Originating in a company that sought to improve the public’s safety through the production of fire and smoke detectors, Juice Plus came to fruition long after the original company had expanded into air and water filtration.

In 1993, Juice Plus was created to develop and expand on the wellness initiatives started earlier on with the original company goals. Since then, Juice Plus has hit the network marketing industry with great gusto and shows promise to only go up from there. Currently in over 20 countries, Juice Plus strives to help people live a better and healthier life through fruit and vegetable supplements and nutrition.

1. Hempworx – As a hemp product company, Hempworx has taken the network marketing world by storm, both in the American and international markets. A relatively new company, Hempworx was founded in 2014. CBD oil is the primary product used for personal care and as a health benefiting supplement.

This industry alone is promising to grow rapidly and take it all the way to the bank, with an estimated projection of being a $22 million dollar company. In just one year’s time, Hempworx alone jumped from $9 million worth of sales to $100 million. The product itself is a hot commodity item, but the beauty lies within Hempworx’s automated recruitment system that is unique and incomparable to most other MLMs in 2023.

Netherlands Network Marketing

All in all, network marketing is where the money is at in today’s world. Any direct sales company is going to be most successful with a networking approach, as so many have gone from brick and mortar to this method, as well as those who started in the door to door or one phone call at a time era. Networking has become how the world works, so why shouldn’t business follow suit in 2023?

Thanks for reading 10 Best MLM Companies in the Netherlands for 2023! Now it is time for you to decide which multi-level marketing or direct selling opportunity you will join.

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