10 Best MLM Companies in Sweden for 2023

Sweden is very familiar with the hot business strategy that has vastly transformed business and how direct sales are conducted. Network marketing allows businesses to grow at a rate incomparable to any other marketing strategy for Swedish entrepreneurs.

Here are the 10 Best MLM Companies in Sweden for 2022 and 2023!

Top 10 Best Network Marketing Businesses In Sweden For 2022-2023

10. ACN – Reaching 5 of the 7 continents, ACN has been a leading direct sales company for over 26 years, offering telecommunications services far and wide.

This is truly one of the more unique companies, likely attributing to its success and ability to rank high among a crowd of other industries. Built on the foundation of integrity, service, and business, ACN has truly encompassed network marketing and has let the strategy drive it towards success.

With this success, ACN has also returned to the communities with numerous charitable donations.

9. LR Health & Beauty – Once known as ‘LR Cosmetic’, LR Health & Beauty was founded in 1985 and found quick success across much of Europe. Now present and thriving in over 28 countries, LR Health & Beauty has the goal to produce only the best quality of products in their high end beauty lines.

This company now sees over 2 million shipments go out all over the globe each year. These numbers alone show just how amazing the success has been, and the company shows no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

8. Morinda – Morinda is a health and wellness company that aims to give you the opportunities to live a better life in all areas of your life, health included but not the sole area of focus.

While Morinda offers products that help you get back on track to a healthier lifestyle, but the company also offers assistance with personal development along the way. Add to that the opportunity to change your life with financial success and the chance to experience life changing events and treats, and Morinda stands out in the network marketing world.

7. Forever Living – As a privately owned company, Forever Living has continued to see growing success since it was founded in 1978 with a focus on health and wellness. Naturally derived products are allowed to speak for themselves to show how great they are and to drive the company to success.

Now a multibillion dollar company, Forever Living has added the network marketing strategy into their business plan, making them truly skyrocket. With a focus maintained to help people have a better life and to maintain family at the root of its mission, the company has garnered great success and will do so for sometime in 2023 and beyond.

6. Herbalife – Perhaps one of the most popular and well known direct sales and network marketing companies, Herbalife is a wellness and health oriented company that aims to help people live a better life.

Anywhere you go you are almost certain to find a representative for Herbalife, so it is popularity is an indication of it’s success. This being said, partnering the company with a network marketing strategy only cemented it with a trajectory of success, making it nearly certain that Herbalife will maintain a great success well into the future.

5. NuSkin – One of the more successful companies in the antiaging business, NuSkin was founded in 1984. With great success from its start, NuSkin offers anti aging supplements and personal care products, making waves in the beauty world channeled through network marketing.

NuSkin had over $2 billion in sales revenue in 2021, donating $8 million to hungry children efforts all over the globe. With an honorable return on their success, this respectable company is sure to see years worth of growth and success to come, only making them more and more appealing in today’s network marketing world.

4. PartyLite – Partylite truly stands out in a crowd of network marketing companies as it truly is like none other. Offering party planning supplies along with household goods and décor, PartyLite has everything your home could need.

The company has seen great success and rapid growth in recent years that promises to continue for some time. Diversity, adaptability, and a unique niche is what sets PartyLite apart and is what will lead the company to grow in popularity and success for years to come.

3. Kyani – Kyani’s mission is to bring hope to people with the promise of a better life from wellness and business opportunity. As a company offering wellness products, they aim to help everyone become healthier versions of themselves. With a business model that leads by example of successful founders and leaders, Kyani also aims to help consumers with their financial wellness and overall success.

2. Amway – In 1959, two family men decided to take their business experience and invest it in a company that would help provide better for their families long into the future. Amway was born when these men created their first product, Liquid Organic Cleaner, the first ever concentrated biodegradable cleaner of its kind.

Today the company offers household cleaners as well as beauty and health products and has seen nothing but success. With a great foundation and history, combined with the beauty of network marketing, Amway ranks among the top network marketing companies in the world.

1. Valentus – Valentus is a direct sales company that focuses on weight management and energetic coffee. With a name meaning ‘to prevail’, Valentus aims to do so by helping people live healthier happier lives.

Through wellness and the opportunity for financial success, Valentus is changing people’s lives in Sweden and the rest of the EU. With a stellar network marketing campaign and an unparalleled compensation plan, the company is sure to continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

Network marketing has revolutionized the way that direct sales and MLM companies have done business. Gone is knocking on doors and pestering your relatives. With this new Swedish network marketing strategy, the sky is truly the limit and the success one can achieve is insurmountable in 2022 and 2023. 

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