Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Spain 2024

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Network marketing has shown to bring great success to companies all over Spain and Europe. Spain is no stranger to the successful companies that have dove into the network marketing world and saw unfathomable success as a result.


With this business strategy driving so many companies into continued popularity and success, it is a wonder how one can stand out from the next Spanish MLM business. Only those network marketing companies with great business plans and unique qualities can do just that in Spain.

But which is the top MLM company to join if you are Spanish? Here are the 10 Best MLM Companies Ranked in Spain for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Businesses For Spain In 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGoodAre you sick of expensive MLM companies that cost an arm and a leg to join and maintain? Sick of trying to sell overly expensive products and order inventory each month that you can’t unload? Want a network marketing business that actually pays you high commissions on recruits and product sales?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, LiveGood is the top MLM company for you to join in Spain. LiveGood is changing the MLM industry with premium but discounted products, a startup fee of less than $50, and a monthly membership fee of under $10. It has an unbeatable compensation plan and it is a business that you can be proud to promote for powerful profits.

2. World Ventures – As a truly one of a kind company moving up in the network marketing charts, World Ventures offers travel guidance as well as small business development to help members along their path to success for Spaniards.

As a relatively new company compared to many in the network marketing world, World Ventures has its unique niche that helps it climb the ladder of success in the industry. Built on core values that center on helping Spaniard members grow emotionally, spiritually, and financially, World Ventures aims to keep travel, experiences, and a sense of community strong amongst its members.

3. Tupperware – In 1946, Tupperware was founded with products designed to keep food fresh. Initially marketed in grocery stores, sales didn’t quite take off as they were intended to.

After a quick move into the direct sales area to fully demonstrate the product and amplify sales, Tupperware took off. Quickly becoming a household name on an international scale, Tupperware was soon in kitchens across the globe. Partnered with an increased variety of products and the network marketing strategy on its side, Tupperware continues to climb the charts of success with Spaniards.

4. Juice Plus – Founded over thirty years ago, the original company behind Juice Plus was actually started as a public safety and water filtration company. With the expansion on wellness products and initiatives, Juice Plus was born and quickly became a popular health oriented company.

Since its inception, network marketing has launched Juice Plus into a path of greatness as the company has since reached thousands and grown to what it is today. In over 20 countries across the world, Juice Plus is helping people live better and healthier lives with fruit and vegetables supplements and nutrition.

5. Nikken – As a wellness oriented company, Nikken has to stand out among a crowd of many wellness network marketing companies. Founded in 1975, Nikken has set out to help people find the balance in a healthy life, both physically and financially, based on the Five Pillars of Health: Mind, Body, Family, Finances, and Society.

Nikken believes that through these aspects, if all are healthy and balanced, then a Spaniard can lead happier lives. They believe that this can contribute to humans being more than just existing in Madrid and Barcelona.

6. Arbonne – Founded in 1965 in Norway, Arbonne was created as a makeup and skincare line that would be incomparable to others in quality, safety, purity, and beneficial results in the EU.

The company also set out to become an opportunity for people in Espana to seek professional and financial growth for themselves. With what started with 19 products and a handful of people became a company that brought in well over $500 million in revenue and has growth to reach all corners of the European Union.

7. Amway – In 1959, two men decided they wanted more for their families so they formed their own company that set out to change their lives. Amway’s first product was Liquid Organic Cleaner, the only concentrated biodegradable cleaner on the market.

Luckily for Amway it was well received and sought after, bringing about a multitude of success early on that allowed the company to become what it is today. Offering beauty and health products, cleaning supplies, and other personal care items, Amway has greatly diversified their offering, reaching a wider audience and becoming one of the most successful network marketing companies in the world.

8. Vorwerk – In 1883, Vorwerk become one of the earliest direct sales businesses that still exists today. With such a historical story, Vorwerk has grown tremendously in Seville and other places in Europe since its early days as a carpet company.

Now offering everything from flooring to cosmetics to power tools and household items, Vorwerk’s diversity has helped to drive its continued success. Spanish network marketing only further launched the company into this success, allowing it to reach into households all over the world for more Euro earnings.

9. Usana – Between celebrity endorsements and network marketing, Usana has grown to be quite the successful company that aims to help people live happier lives.

Built on pillars of integrity, excellence, health, and community, the strong foundation for the company was set. Health supplements are offered by Usana that aim to alleviate pain, mostly that associated with degenerative diseases. Health and science experts back the company and products, adding to the trust and popularity the company has received and allowing reps to earn extra Euros in Seville.

10. Valentus – Meaning ‘to prevail’, Valentus aims to help Spanish people lead lives that push them into success and happiness beyond any other. With an unmatched compensation plan, Valentus drives their European MLM distributors towards great financial success and health in Madrid and Barcelona Spain. Smart Spanish business professionals are reaping the rewards of this top MLM option.

With a diverse European product offering including health supplements, slimming coffee, and energy products, the company is centered around weight loss and management but offers a little of everything that allows the audience it reaches to remain broad and successful. Network marketing has welcomed this company in and then blasted it off into an incredible rate of success for Spaniards.

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Network marketing has not only changed the business world, but it has changed lives in Espana. With wellness, beauty, travel, and other opportunities made possible for people all over the world, Spanish network marketing has opened the doors for people to grow rich in their health, spirit, and finances, making a deep, powerful, and lasting impact on those who have benefited from becoming part of this MLM business strategy for 2023-2024.


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