10 Best MLM Companies in Hungary for 2022

Network marketing took the business world by storm. This strategy forever changed the direct sales industry, but by leaps and bounds for the better. Never before had companies or individuals seen such levels of success in direct sales.

People were not just turning a profit, but they were changing their lives. It’s clear that network marketing is here to stay, and it would take an equally as impactful new method to take the place this strategy has deeply sunk itself into.  

Hungary is the 10th most complex economy in the world today. The country runs on a high income economy and ranks within the top 40 in world GDP per capita. Based on exports and a skilled labor force, Hungary’s economy has been a steady one for years.

The county is also becoming a leader in foreign direct investment with its strides in business innovation and corporate technology in more recent years. This makes Hungary a prime location for network marketing companies to thrive and grow.

Here are the 10 Best network marketing companies to join in Hungary in 2022.

Top 10 Best MLM Businesses In Hungary For 2022


The goal and vision of Lux International is to provide a higher quality of life through pure water, clean air, and a better environment in the home. Values of the company include durability, impact, and job creation.

The company aims to help more people find work through the creation of long lasting products that are sure to make a substantial impact on the lives of people all over the world. Putting people first is the top priority of Lux International in all aspects of the company.

From providing top quality products and services to being very involved in the personal development of their consumers and consultants, Lux keeps the people as their primary concern. With products such as air and water filtration systems, as well as state of the art cleaning tools and technology, Lux fully encompasses a company that wants to improve the overall quality of life.


Offering over 1,000 beauty and wellness products, Oriflame has something for everyone. The company currently operates in over 60 countries and is a global success.

The company also utilizes highly specialized research and development through institutes and universities to be sure that they are providing top quality products. Oriflame claims itself as a beauty company like no other.

The goal is to help people celebrate their personal beauty while fulfilling their dreams of success. Oriflame provides this safe and trendy route for people to push themselves to new heights and to grow in their potential.


The beauty industry is a constant challenge. Trends are always changing and the latest and greatest ingredients are always becoming more and more exotic or rare. Deesse accepts this challenge and aims to go above and beyond.

With beauty, Deesse believes there is more to it than just magic. There is a sense of having the right products and self care to enhance and embrace one’s beauty. With natural ingredients that are never tested on animals, the science behind Deesse products proves them to be allergy free and of the finest quality.

In a world where beauty is seen as everything, Deesse aims to give consumers the personal one on one experience to find what they need to feel and look their absolute best.


Sunrider began as a humble family owned business and has since grown into a global phenomenon. The company may have grown but the mission and goal to help others live better lives has not changed.

Sunrider continues to use the same process of hand selecting raw herbs for their products despite it requiring a great amount of raw resources just to produce a small amount of product. This alone stands tribute to the quality that Sunrider wishes to maintain in what they put forth for consumers.

With state of the art research leading in the innovation and development of their products, Sunrider also takes pride in their incredibly advanced technology and equipment used to manufacture the health supplements and products they offer.


As a distributor for stainless steel cookware and accessories, Zepter doesn’t have to compete against as many companies as your typical health or cosmetic based network marketing company does.

For this reason, it becomes a bit easier for a specialized product line to bring quick and substantial success to those who take part in the company. Zepter since has gained other branches to its company, to include medical devices and cosmetics as well. It still remains the strong basis in a special field as being a great reason the company has continued to see sustained success.

5. ACN

With ACN, the sky is the limit. The company takes great pride in the fact that they are currently in five continents ‘and counting’. With years of direct sales experience between the four founders of ACN, the company was sure to find great success and growth. ACN was built on the principles of integrity, solid business practice, and a commitment to putting others first.

The company maintains those principles now over two decades later, and that can be attributed as to a large reason of the success the company has seen. ACN is the world’s largest direct sales company specializing in telecommunications and essential services made for businesses and homes alike.

This provides the company with a very special niche space for which they find little competition. It becomes easy to find success with such specialization and a great set of fundamental values as part of a company’s foundation.


FM World stands out in the network marketing world for their unique product line. While there are a select handful of perfume and fragrance MLMs, the market is not saturated with these companies and they are able to stand out if they have what it takes.

FM World also offers even more products despite being known first for its fragrance. With nutrition and personal care products, the company has built a variety of niche filling opportunities for itself. FM World quickly grew into a global phenomenon and now has over 2 billion Business Partners all over the world.

With the potential to have international connections and unlimited growth, FM World really offers a great opportunity to entrepreneurs and people wishing to supplement their income alike.


Starting out, Flavon Max was just a small family run business, but in a short amount of time, the company grew into an international success. Recognized in small and large circuits, Flavon Max has seen a great level of success and is setting out to be a leader in the health and nutritional industry.

At Flavon Max, the products are enriched with extracts from biologically ripe fruit, not from artificial sources or genetically modified ripeness. The company prides itself on providing products with unique and incomparable ingredients to help make your life and family healthier.

The company offers a range of nutritional supplements, specifically for each member of the family as well. Kids nutrition, mom and dad, and even grandparents are all taken into account when Flavon Max produces its products.  


In a world of health and wellness initiatives and companies, one truly has to stand out to find success. Duolife has done that in the form of offering food nutrition and supplement kits.

With the mission to improve the standard of life, the company truly keeps the people in mind. Built on a foundation of values that includes honesty, reliability, partnership, relations, personal development, and integration, Duolife is always striving to meet the needs of the people that make the company successful day in and day out.

This top MLM company recognizes that it takes the people who use the products to show how successful they are, which then will lead to more sales and more impact, bringing more success to the people who join the company.


What started as a dream for a young boy on a farm has now grown into the very successful company known as Neolife today. Jerry Brassfield faced a lot of hardships early on in life, but that’s exactly what drove him into wanting to make the word a happier, healthier place for generations to come.

After finding success in a direct sales health company, Jerry decided to branch out and start his own company. Over the years, the company has changed with the times and markets as well as growing from acquiring new aspects to the brand.

Today, Neolife looks a lot different than it once did, but the goal of a healthier world remains the same. Offering a wide array of health and nutritional supplements, some of Neolife’s top products are its digestive health aids and detox systems.

Those are the top MLM companies of 2022 for Hungary!

Network marketing is not an area of the business sector that will be disappearing any time soon. This strategy simply works and brings great amounts of success to those Hungarians that chose to take part in it in 2022.

As an easy to master method of growing your business and wealth, there’s no question as to why so many have ventured to this great way of starting their own MLM business. 

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