Top 10 Best MLM Companies In France 2024

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Network marketing is by and far the most remarkable business strategy to ever hit the direct sales world in France and the rest of Europe. From door to door salesman to a few simple clicks, the industry has largely evolved over the years throughout the European Union and has allowed millions of people to change their lives and find financial freedom. The strategy truly cannot be beat in the EU, but there is also simply no reason to try to beat something that has done nothing but great things for the French.

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France has a highly developed and free market economy. France is also the second largest economy in Europe. The economy of the country is incredibly diverse as there has been great levels of success in the service arena, the industrial sector, an also the tourism niche. France has a booming economy thanks to all these and more, allowing the country to be one that is ideal for network marketing companies to do well in.

But which is the greatest MLM company worth joining if you are French? Here are the 10 Best MLM Companies in France for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best Network Marketing Businesses In France For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

It is time to LiveGood and prosper as a French business builder. LiveGood is the top MLM business that you need to consider joining because it is altering the entire network marketing paradigm. This top multi-level marketing opportunity has the products, leadership, affiliate members, and compensation structure to make millionaires fast. If you want a low risk and high reward MLM company to join in France, LiveGood and its 1,000,000 members is worth your consideration in 2024.

You can even earn epic income without recruiting anyone to your downline team, although it does help to recruit at least a few to maximize your matrix earnings long-term. LiveGood is truly the new MLM to leverage if you are living in France heading into 2024 and want to make extra money!


At the Deesse MLM company the beauty industry is one of constant challenge for French distributors. There is a challenge to do better, whether it be in trends, quality, or availability of a product… especially in Paris. Deesse takes great aim to provide only the best in quality and knows that it can take personal, one on one, consultation to get a consumer exactly what they need to look and feel more beautiful.

With natural ingredients backed by the latest science, Deesse products are guaranteed to be allergy free without the use of animal testing. The company even offers a 6 month return and exchange policy to ensure that the French consumer is getting not only what they want but also what they need from the products. Deesse knows that beauty does not just magically happen, but comes about with self care and using the right products.


You probably don’t think of water filtration and ionization systems when you think of network marketing. Enagic wants to change that. They have been bringing this innovative and best of the best quality to homes all over the globe for decades now.

They are able to enhance something no one can live without – water. Enagic is rare in that they are the only water filtration and ionization system company in the world with their own manufacturing facility. This helps them to ensure only the top quality of water filtration systems are brought to French families and those all over the world.


Odds are you have heard of Forever Living and the company’s essential oil products in France. This along speaks volumes to the success of the company as popularity in the direct sales world translates directly to being successful.

The more people who are familiar with a company, the more people who have used the company or joined the company and grown in their success. Being able to work when and where you want, paired with the knowledge that the products are helping you to live a healthier life are two big factors in why people have time and time again chosen to join Forever Living and spread the success in essential oils sales for consumers in Quimper and Tours.


Zepter international fits into one of those more unique niche spaces. While there is still competition in the direct sales industry for companies that sell cookware, there are fewer than say health and wellness companies in multi-level marketing for example, with residents of Nancy and Orleans.

This allows companies like Zepter to see greater waves of success at a quicker rate because they are able to appeal to more French people who haven’t already seen the same type of product over and over again.

In additional to the strong foundation on which the company was built with selling cookware in the European Union, Zepter has since acquired new branches to the company including cosmetics and medical devices. This only helps Zepter to find more success as they have broadened their audience and success alike in France and other parts of the EU.


Making this top ten list is a fashion trends direct sales business, Victoria Benelux. This company keeps with the latest and greatest trends in jewelry and offers both retail and direct sales options. Offering silver, gold, and precious stones, Victoria Benelux stands by their quality of product and is proud to say they only have the best.

With gold purchases, consumers are even given ten year satisfaction and quality guarantees against any manufacturer defects, making a statement about the quality that Victoria Benelux aims to maintain. With the latest trends and a growing audience driving their success, Victoria Benelux has quickly grown into a successful fashion company all over Europe.


The vision of Usana is to empower people to create a healthier and happier life. With high quality ingredients used in their products, Usana believes that feeding the cells of the body what they need will greatly benefit the overall health of Europeans. With targeted supplements designed and formulated to feed your cells with their necessary nutrition, Usana sets the bar high in great quality products for reps and affiliates in Bordeaux or Strasbourg.

Specifically, many Usana products have been formed in an effort to combat the progression and development of degenerative disease. Products have also been created to help ease the pain and suffering for those who already face such diseases. While Usana wishes to help you to live a healthier life, they also help to provide a better quality of life when you already face health challenges in Lyon and Nice.


At Lifeplus, the combinations of ingredients and supplements formulated and backed by science is what sets the company apart from other health and wellness direct sales companies. Lifeplus boasts having unique and effective combinations of ingredients which have led their products to have great results.

This has resulted in quite the reputation for the company. Lifeplus products also have become known for their credibility and even come personally recommended time and time again. The belief that anyone can change the way their life is going and can transform their well being is what drives Lifeplus to continue to bring in new products and supplements as more research is done and information is uncovered regarding the top health and wellness needs.


Flavon Max began as a family business but quickly became a successful and international business.  Today, the company is recognized at both national and international levels for having great results and success in their products.

At Flavon Max, there is no family member left behind when product development is taken into account. Flavon Max offeres products formulated for kids, adults, and even the grandparents in your family. With unique and specifically sourced ingredients and extracts, Flavon Max prides itself on producing top quality products to give you and your family a healthier and happier life in Toulouse and Marseille.  


Neolife has come a long way from the early days on the farm where Jerry Brassfield, founder, got his start. For much of his early life, Jerry wished to help others seek better nutrition for an overall healthier quality of life. After finding short lived success in a health product direct sales company, Jerry founded an early form of Neolife.

Over the years, the company has adapted to changes in the industry and has acquired additional aspects to the brand. Today’s Neolife may look a lot different from the company first started by Jerry, but the mission has always held true to make the world a better and healthier place in Paris and Marseille.

Neolife currently offers a wide selection of health and nutritional supplements from skincare, to digestive health, and even general vitamins and minerals to ensure your nutritional needs are met in Nates or Montpellier.

Make More MLM Money In France

The freedom and flexibility for French MLM distributors that has been brought on by the introduction and spread of network marketing strategies is astounding in 2022 and 2023. Never before have have business opportunities provided such degrees of success and independence as does network marketing for French citizens.

That, paired with the wide variety of niches that network marketing companies fall into, produces a plethora of opportunity to French residents looking to build their income and success.

Thanks for reading the Top 10 Best MLM Companies in France for 2023 and 2024 to pump up your Paris profits!

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