Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Canada 2024

top mlm companies in canada best network marketing businesses ranked canadians

Network marketing companies have been around in Canada for longer than many of us realize. What is new however is just how well this strategy is being used and optimized for success by Canadians. More and more direct sales companies in 2024 are using a network marketing approach to their business dynamic to achieve more widespread success.

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Canadians want to cash in on amazing affiliate marketing and direct selling opportunities that are growing. As we see more multi-level marketing companies emerging in this market, we see many companies come and go with varying levels of success and profit. Canada is no exception to this, as network marketing has quickly become a global enterprise. As more and more companies go international, we see great promise for those Canadians that have a great foundation on which to grow.

But exactly which MLM company should you join for the best results if you are Canadian? Here are the ten Best New MLM Companies in Canada for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Canada For 2024

1. LiveGood – If you want to learn and earn in a simple high upside MLM company, LiveGood is the business for you in Canada. Costing under $50 to get started and under $10 per month, LiveGood is the best network marketing company to boost your wealth and health as a Canadian. Its products are very high-quality with wholesale prices and shipping to 215 countries for a global opportunity! And you can earn a lot of money just through the company matrix, without recruiting anyone or only recruiting a few people! Now that is how you live good in MLM so you can live pure with powerful profits! Canadians are cashing in on LiveGood and the profits will only grow more in 2024!

2. Melaleuca – A company centered on wellness, Melaleuca was founded in 1985 on the mission to enhance people’s lives as they work to reach their wellness goals. Staying true to this mission, Melaleuca has seen great success ever since. With well over 400 products offered, the company aims to help people at any stage of their wellness journey. Today the company has seen more than $2 billion in annual revenue, with this number only continuing to grow for Canadian MLMers. Melaleuca continues to be a major player in the multi-level marketing scene.

3. Le-Vel – With founders who have over 40 years of combined Wellness and Health experience, Le-Vel has roots that are deep set in the understanding of what works. The company aims to help people commit to a higher level of nutrition and success. Le-Vel strives to build a global icon to help people live a premium life with a better lifestyle and more success. Le-Vel believes in building a brand that promotes several products to continue to provide the best for their Quebec and Ontario clients as their needs change on their journey to the next level.  

4. Rodan + Fields – As a company that wishes to redefine skincare and antiaging, Rodan + Fields was founded with the belief in mind that living better in your skin would lead to you living better in your life. With a diverse product line aiming to help with all your skincare needs, Rodan + Fields was founded in 2002 with the aim of being a department store brand. With the transition into network marketing and direct sales, R+F has grown rapidly and continues to do so. As a company that empowers people to help others and further grow as individuals and communities, Rodan & Fields is going to continue to ride the wave of success in Ottawa and Montreal.

5. Plexus – Another wellness and weight management company, Plexus was founded on the principle of understanding that everyone is different, has led different lives, and has different goals in mind. This, combined with offering a variety of products, has helped Plexus reach many people and lead them to success. Not only can a distributor change their life through the product, but they can help others change their lives and then also reap the benefits of additional income, rewards, and the personal fulfillment that comes along with helping others. Plexus has come a long way from its original ‘Pink Drink’, but the ideology and goals have remained over the years for this top MLM business in Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

6. Thirty One Gifts – Founded in 2003, Thirty One Gifts was started as a way to empower women and help them start their own businesses. That remains the goal today, as Thirty One continues to help women succeed in the sales of fashionable and functional gifts and products across the globe. With over 6 million parties hosted throughout 20 years, Thirty One has done just that – help women succeed and grow. With a tremendous growth in product variety and acquisitions of other companies, Thirty One shows the promise to be a long lasting and adaptable company that’s sure to continue in their success in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Halifax, and Hamilton Canada.

7. Monat – Founded in 2014, Monat is a top MLM haircare company set to change how people cared for their tresses and then how to change their lives. With a nurturing support system, caring leadership, and a generous compensation plan, Monat’s business strategy is clearly what has led to their rapid and great international success. Monat also prides itself on using naturally based products and touching lives through renewed haircare. Based on family, service, and gratitude, Monat is set up for a lengthy stay among top network marketing company charts in Toronto, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick.

8. Paparazzi – Working on the idea that the company is about more than just jewelry and accessories, Paparazzi aims to focus on how they are changing the way people feel about themselves, and therefore how people live. With affordable accessories, Paparazzi helps women to dress up and feel great about their looks, empowering them to live more happily in Saskatchewan and British Columbia or the Yukon Territory. Combine this with the opportunity to earn money and have their own business, the cycle comes full circle in building confidence and self-worth. This along with great products, has brought Paparazzi great and continued success for Canadian entrepreneurs in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

9. CBD Pure – As a company that promotes CBD oil, one of the most rapidly growing markets, CBD Pure is a booming network marketing company growing in Winnipeg and Nova Scotia. With certified labs and a strict production process, CBD Pure ensures the best quality product for its consumers and clients. Combined with a 90 day money back guarantee, this multi-level marketing company is reputable and reliable, making it very successful in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island especially. Founded nearly one decade ago, the family based company offers a 40% commissions program, which has become popular in the network marketing world. It is truly a top Canadian MLM company to consider joining in 2023 and 2024 if you live in Toronto, Calgary, or other parts of North America.

10. Valentus – As a caffeinated weight loss management company, Valentus produces weight loss aids and coffee aids for energy. This company is a successful network marketing company that has the drive to keep moving forward. The name itself is derived from a Latin word meaning ‘to prevail’ in life, whether you live in Ontario or Manitoba. The company promises to do just that as they offer an unmatched compensation program and they pride themselves in their integrity. Valentus is sure to continue to take the world by storm and impact the Canadian network marketing scene as the top MLM opportunity.

Top MLM Company For Canadians Runner-Up: Jeunesse Global

One of the more popular and successful MLM companies on the anti-aging circuit, Jeunesse focuses on helping people reach their full potential. As a company that produces antiaging products, Jeunesse allows people to feel and look younger. They strive to build a unique family-like support system through their clients and intend to make this last. The number 9 represents longevity, so with this vision of long lasting youth in mind, the ground-breaking MLM company launched at 9pm on September 9, 2009, really taking their vision seriously. This company is set to make great big strides as the years go on and make Canadians rich in 2024.

Other Top MLM Companies In Canada

There are many other top MLMs to consider joining in 2024 if you live in Canada such as David Allen Capital, Medifast, Coway, Tiens Group, Primerica, Organo Gold, Sisel, Gano Excel, DXN, World Financial Group (WFG), Partner Co, Senegence, Norwex, Neolife, Cutco, Tranzact, and Modere. Just do your own due diligence before you sign up for an MLM company if you are new to the industry!

Canadians Are Cashing In On MLM

These companies are all pretty established and only continue to thrive across the globe in 2024. Some are newer to Canada than others, but they all have great promise with building their business and success. It is really all about vision, work ethic, skill, and persistence when it comes to succeeding in multi-level marketing, affiliate sales, or direct selling. Now that you know, it is time to make some massive money with MLM!

Thanks for reading 10 Best MLM Companies in Canada for 2024 and 2025 prospective independent home business owners! Now it is time to make your decision and make your network marketing success happen!

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