10 Best MLM Companies in Australia for 2023

Network marketing has stormed the business world and has brought boundless success to thousands across the globe. As we progress with technology and social platforms in our everyday lives, it only makes sense that businesses grab onto this and use it for their advantage.

With simple work upfront, network marketing is able to push businesses into other levels of greatness. Australian companies are right there with the rest of the world, taking network marketing into business and soaring as a result. Here are the 10 Best MLM Companies for Australia in 2022 and 2023.

Top 10 Best Network Marketing Businesses In Australia For 2022-2023

10. DoTerraFounded in 2008, DoTerra is a company set out to find the best quality sources for essential oils to help bring people into better lives. With healing powers derived from all natural sources, DoTerra essential oils has truly changed lives, both in wellness and happiness as well as financially. The opportunity to help others experience the change in their wellness and wellbeing has helped to grow the company to boundless success and has resulted in them making top network marketing charts all over the globe.

9. Kyani – Bringing wellness opportunity to people, Kyani hopes to bring better lives to those that use the products offered. With the goal of becoming healthier, happier versions of themselves, Kyani customers can look to the company leaders for a shining example of how to lead their lives and businesses. Believing in leading by example, Kyani leadership wants all to see the path for success and follow it. Besides wellness in a health sense, Kyani also wants their members to see financial wellness.

8. Veducci – Designed as a company set out to give women a fun shopping experience while also providing them an empowering business opportunity, Veducci was founded in 2004. The family behind the company is no stranger to business and what makes a company work, as they have over 30 years of experience and continue to keep things locally managed and operated. With the success the company has seen, they have now set out to give back to the children and families long since affected by war and poverty. Veducci proves that there’s more to business than just profit and clothes, but there’s also giving back and helping where you can.

7. Avon – With over 130 years in the direct sales industry, Avon is no new player to the network marketing world. As a company set out to help empower women and provide them the unique opportunity to start and run their own business, Avon has seen amazing success ever since their humble beginnings. Now reaching people on a global scale, Avon returns this success back into communities by giving back and helping to raise awareness for various causes.

6. Jeunesse – With a strong focus on longevity, Jeunesse founders wanted to fully embrace this and launched the company on September 9, 2009 at 9pm because the number nine represents longevity. As a leading antiaging company, Jeunesse holds a strong support system as one of the key benefits to the company. Built like a family, Jeunesse wants everyone to support one another and help each other to succeed. With remarkable growth through the years, the company is sure to see a great long term success.

5. ByDzyneCelebrating diversity and acknowledging that everyone is different is exactly what ByDzyne does best. This network marketing company wants to approach their product offerings with a customizable approach. Offering wellness products, beauty items, tech pieces, and travel services, ByDzyne hits every option nearly of what can be offered to people. ByDzyne has a great compensation plan as well, really making it a great and marketable company for Australian rep success!

4. Plexus – Founded on principles that understand that everyone has a vastly different life, Plexus’s goal was to help meet wellness and weight management goals for everyone. What started as a single pink drink has grown into a diverse and rewarding product line that has seen amazing results. Through the business, distributors can change their life by using the product then by helping others change their lives as well. Personal fulfillment and the rewards found through this company have been great for many and the success only continues to grow.

3. ElepreneursOffering wellness items that include herbs, vitamins, and supplements, Elepreneurs really sets out to enrich people’s lives and make them happier and healthier. Helping consumers feel and look their best from the inside out is the main goal. With a great compensation rate and bonus plan, Elepreneurs has grown in popularity and success for Australian entrepreneurs.

2. Usana – With network marketing and celebrity endorsements, Usana has become a globally successful company that aims to help people live happier and healthier lives. With a foundation strongly built on pillars of excellence, integrity, community, and health, Usana started out with an advantage in the industry. Aiming to alleviate pain from illness and degenerative disease, Usana offers supplements and products that help to improve quality of life. With healthcare and science research backing the products, Usana is a trustworthy company that has succeeded for great reason through the years.

1. Valentus – Offering wellness aids and products that can appeal to anyone in the market to feel better, Valentus aims to help consumers and distributors prevail. Valentus means ‘to prevail’ so the company goal is to have everyone become better versions of themselves and to strive for greatness. An unmatched compensation plan does just that, allowing people to build their business and see great success, moving them into financial wellness.

Network marketing has set a new standard on the opportunities available through direct sales businesses. Gone are the days of Australian MLM distributors making endless phone calls and knocking on doors where direct sales got its start. Just as any business industry makes great strides over time, direct sales have as well – with network marketing to thank for many of these advances and growth. 

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