16 Best Fast Growth MLM Companies Worldwide 2023

10 Best Fastest Rising Network Marketing Companies in the World for 2021

Have you heard about MLM and direct selling as a serious side hustle or replacement for your 9-5 job? Curious about starting out in network marketing or joining a new MLM company? Want to finally be your own boss and take the reins of your career? Are you sick of barely getting by paying your bills because your current gig doesn’t pay enough money? I think we all are at this point in the modern economy.

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Everyone knows that network marketing is one of the fastest and lowest risk ways to building a business. It isn’t a perfect business model and has come under a lot of criticism over the decades, but many millionaires that started with nothing will tell you that it is real and it really works. But which multi-level marketing (MLM) company should you join in 2023? Today we have a comprehensive list of the Top 16 MLM fastest rising MLM companies in the industry right now. This list of leading MLMs worldwide is based on momentum and growth rate. This is a top-ranked MLM business list based on real revenue around the world.

Our ranking list is not a made up list with the same old-school MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Market America, Tupperware, Nu Skin International, etc that you see every year on everyone else’s lists. They may be large successful companies, but their brand is stagnant with few opportunities for new distributors miles down the pyramid. When you join a new MLM company, you can get in on the bottom floor opportunity with more earnings potential so you end up closer to the top of the pyramid in 2023. It is always great to get in on the ground floor of a winning network marketing company like Matrix Empire, or List Infinity before they take off with exponential growth.

The businesses below are emerging MLM companies that have exploded in 2022 and will continue to dominate in 2023. Below I will tell you what those new MLM startup companies are today. I know that many of these new MLM companies going to explode globally because I have a little inside information through my contacts of distributors, uplines, and even CEOs. I also have a lot of industry experience with network marketing leaders around the world from my business ventures from 2013 to 2022 and currently work with 4 profitable MLMs in 2022 and 2023. I have made six figures multiple times with different network marketing companies and recruited over 3,200 distributors by myself online.

So let’s start off with the worldwide top 16 best MLM companies of 2022 ranked list. Here are the top-ranked MLMs in no particular order for 2023, the year of more money!

Top 16 Best MLM Growth Companies 2022-2023

1. LiveGood

LiveGood is a brand new and rapidly growing MLM company that could be redefining the modern industry starting in 2023. LiveGood sells premium dietary supplements, coffees, teas, and CBD products at affordable prices. Gone are the days of massively marked-up product prices and astronomical monthly subscription fees that turn away downlines and customers alike. With lower product prices, high quality products, and easy recruiting you can make a big splash with a LiveGood MLM business in 2023. LiveGood is rapidly growing and earning distributors strong income right off the bat!

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2. Cruises

This next top MLM company is called In Cruises, and they have grown 90% to $60 million in one year. Over a period of 1 year they experienced record-breaking sales growth. As you can guess from the name, Cruises is another travel MLM. They are going to make huge splashes in the network marketing industry as the travel market recovers. In fact, pent-up travelers are rage vacationing and revenge traveling now that the global economy has opened up again with less restrictions. As you can tell, this is a great projection here of $10 million to $60 million in annual earnings, so they are really growing fast. This leading network marketing business is poised to grow in 2023 as travel and leisure industries rebound robustly post-pandemic.

3. Perfectly Posh

This top MLM company made famous by stay-at-home moms, fashionista influencers, and mommy bloggers has grown by 100% in the past year alone. In just one year they earned an increase in 50 million dollars of earnings and in 2021 they were up to 100 million dollars of sales. Now in 2023 this strong multi-level marketing business is expected to be even better as Perfectly Posh is poised to profit prolifically in fashion and makeup products. Many people are getting laid off or want to work from home, so Perfectly Posh is perfectly positioned to grow and protect distributors from the current economic recession.

4. Q Sciences

This ground-breaking MLM company grew 150% in the past year as they earned an extra 30 million dollars. That growth rate has continued in 2021 and 2022. You can see this progression will be starting to really pick up in 2023 with increased distributors and product sales. You know this is the momentum spike happening you are looking for in an MLM growth company. This is when you want to join a company, when that curve starts to go straight up almost. That is when you want to start getting into these network marketing companies to really benefit. The exponential curve of sales growth is coming to Q Sciences in 2023!

5. Kannaway

Everyone knows about CBD oil now. They exploded about 5 years ago when CBD was basically made legal by the Farm Bill, so they grew 100% with a really a big jump early on and are still going strong in 2021 and 2022. Kannaway is still a top network marketing growth company going into 2023 as CBD becomes more mainstream and new studies are published on its benefits.

6. MWR Life

This leading MLM business is up 300% so they jumped from 6 million to 24 million in just one year. MWR Life is a Hong Kong based travel company that is continuing to grow rapidly in 2022 with no cap to its income potential. It could be the leading MLM company in China and Asia or beyond for 2023.

7. Bode Pro

These MLM leaders are up 400% over the last couple of years as they went up to $8 million in annual sales. Apparently they are still considered a brand new company by those who aren’t MLM insiders. So you want to keep your eyes on this top network marketing business. They are a top health nutrition company for optimizing your body performance. 

8. NewULife

They have apparently the first FDA approved skin care serum. They are up 900% from their initial company sales. From one year, they went from 6 million to 60 million. And I know that this company was huge. They were hitting it really hard, then there were some politics that happened with the company. I don’t know exactly what happened but you can do your own research. That is all I am going to say about this high potential MLM company that isn’t out of the game yet. 

9. My Daily Choice AKA Hempworx

This top MLM business is in the CBD oil space. They really blew up between several years ago like Kannaway since they were the first into the cannabidiol space. This top growing MLM business is up 1300 percent with a $93 million increase since then. They have a long list of hemp and CBD products, and they are starting to develop in different countries in Africa and Northern Europe. They have cemented their place in the MLM industry as a top cannabidiol company in 2023 and have also expanded into cryptocurrency.

10. Color Street

These MLM distributors and products are everywhere. They are up $115 million in the past couple of years alone and they sell nail beauty products among other items. This top MLM company also has a major charity incentive component, so they invest a percentage or profits back into nonprofit charities. So check them out as they continue their network marketing growth streak into 2023. 

11. Elepreneurs

This leading new network marketing company is up 4000% over the last 5 years. They are up to around $60 million in annual sales now. They are in the growing trillion dollar coffee space. They have top diet coffee products for their distributors to sell and capitalize on the caffeine craze!

12. Ibuumerang

This is headed by Holton buggs who was the number one distributor in Organo Gold for many many years. He is one of the top 7 top earners in the network marketing industry. He has made over $70 million dollars and he started his own travel company. Okay, so iBuumerang is hitting the charts. Everyone is talking about it. It is a travel program and they are expanding, doing other different travel products. I think they are getting into ride shares like Uber. I am not sure exactly what this MLM company is up to in the future, but it is bright. 

13. Onyx Lifestyle

This MLM company is just released guys, what is really cool about this is that they have a lease back program. They have many different programs, elevate your money, enhance your life experience more so travel, they got, they got travel, they got money, and they have a multi currency wallet. Here is what is really cool with the lease back program where you basically buy an axio and they pay you back money every week. I think it is every week for 150 weeks. So here is how this new MLM company works. You buy axio and you receive cash buy back policy throughout 2022 and 2023. 

14. QuiAri

This network marketing business is really brand new, and they have premium plant based products that naturally increase weight loss and curb appetite. This MLM company’s products have been acclaimed by distributors and consumers alike. This top MLM company is primed for fast growth in 2022 and 2023. Believe the buzz about QuiAri!

15. Uforia Science

This MLM business does a DNA test to find out what kind of formula you should take. And their network marketing science team makes a formula that works for your DNA using their nutritional products. They match it with your DNA, and their business model is a pretty clever concept for a modern MLM company.

16. David Allen Capital / Bank Breezy

One of the best free network marketing opportunities of 2023 is David Allen Capital (DAC) and Bank Breezy. They are free to join, don’t require you to purchase any training courses, and offer you a variety of custom sites and tools. You make money getting small businesses funded with up to $25,000 same day merchant cash advances for approved SMBs. You can also earn money by allowing small businesses to help customers finance medium or large purchases, along with downline earnings. This is a top network marketing opportunity with great growth if you are in the financial niche. DAC downlines are growing daily and team leaders are making major money!

The Power Of Positivity For MLM Success

Network marketing success isn’t a walk in the park. You need to interrupt your habitual negative thinking and replace it with the complete awareness that you are in possession of what it is you truly want. If you want to make $5000 a month in your MLM business, write that down on a 3×5 index card and read it when waking up and going to bed, every day. The more you believe you ALREADY make $5000 a month, the faster it will appear in your life.

Of course, you can’t wish for something without contributing first. Whether you contribute back to the marketplace, in your MLM business, or social interaction, you need to GIVE without any expectation of getting a return. Get in the ZONE of giving just for giving sake, not just direct selling success. There are no free rides, so expect to put in some hard passionate work before seeing results. Is it all worth it working in multi-level marketing and direct sales? You better believe it!

Join One Of These Top MLM Companies In 2023

It is never easy deciding which multi-level marketing company you should join. You want to make sure you choose a network marketing company with growth potential and worldwide expansion opportunities, but also some stability for 2023.

I hope this helps you decide which top global MLM company will be the best for you going into 2023. Choose wisely and work hard at whatever MLM business you join for powerful potential profits!

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