Top 10 Best MLM Companies in South Africa 2024

top mlm companies in south africa best network marketing businesses ranked south africans

Network marketing is no stranger to success when it comes to both supplementing and replacing stagnant incomes for South Africans. This business strategy has rocked the South African sales world for the last several years and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Paired with recent economic events, network marketing has really allowed more and more people to take a leading role in making their own way in the business world. One growing trend in the network marketing world is that of cryptocurrency and how this new trade is really helping people to branch out and do great things for themselves within the MLM umbrella.

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South Africa is one country where network marketing has found great success. Crypto companies are moving in and matching the success of the other network marketing companies and really helping to further diversify an already greatly diverse economy for South Africans.

As Africa’s second largest economy, South Africa is also now ranked 7th on the 2023 Global network marketing index, indicating great things to come for the affiliate world in this country as well as multi-level marketing. As trade continues to grow here, there is no doubt that cryptocurrency will too. Here are the ten best MLM and network marketing companies in South Africa for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In South Africa For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

It is time to live good in the South African neighborhood! LiveGood is the leading new MLM company worldwide due to its exceptionally discounted high-quality product line and low cost membership model. It costs under $50 to join and under $10 per month to maintain your membership. You get your own free landing pages and shops to build a huge business in a short amount of time. And did I mention their compensation plan is unbeatable in the MLM industry today? LiveGood is the way to go if you live in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, or Pretoria South Africa in 2024 and most likely into 2025 as it grows exponentially. There is a reason why over 1,000,000 members have joined LiveGood so fast!


At Six Sigma Trade, people are introduced to Forex trading, Crypto trading, and Robot trading. It is common for the mastery of these three techniques to quickly become achieved, allowing partners to quickly grow in their experience and success.

The unique thing about Six Sigma Trade is that they specialize in AI systems and trading bases. Artificial intelligence isn’t as foreign as we all believe it to be and there have been vast improvements and growth in the field over the last several years. Having a machine predict trade and make moves that could otherwise cost time has shown that this ever evolving field could be the secret to a highly profitable business for South Africans.


Settle on the extraordinary if you live in South Africa. That is the motto over at Bydzyne. This means that you should never settle for the ordinary experiences life can offer. Instead the company wants to help you to settle for nothing short of extra and to truly take life for all that it can offer.

To allow you to tailor your company to best suit your needs, Bydzyne offers a variety of products ranging from health and beauty to technology and trips. The company has a unique approach as they recognize that each and every individual is truly unique and can bring something different to the table each and every time in Cape Town and Pretoria South Africa.


It is always important for an MLM or network marketing company to stand out in the ever growing crowd of companies offering the same things. iBuumerang does just that in how they are able to make you a profit just for sending emails about trips.

By sending emails with a specific link associated with your account, the company will sell trips and pay you for every trip booked using your link. This is the epitome of getting paid to do very very little in the grand scheme of things. iBuumerang makes it possible to supplement your income as well as earn great travel incentives all from the comfort of your South African couch.


When people are first introduced to cryptocurrency, they often can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or figure out where to even begin. That is where IM Mastery comes in for South Africans.

IM Mastery is there to teach you every step of the way when getting started with crypto trading and understanding the Forex trading market. Not only do you get to learn the tricks of the trade, but you get to actually make the trades as you go, seeing how your investment can earn your profit as you learn more and more about the way cryptocurrency and trading can work.  


Standing out among the crowd of beauty and health MLM companies is World Ventures, a network marketing company focused on world travel and what all it can bring you. In the social media driven world we live in, traveling has never been more popular and appealing to people from all walks of life. World Ventures aims to make those dreams a reality for so many by offering incentives and great opportunities for people to visit places they have never been.


Called the ‘Smart Generation Movement’, Vyvo is putting a spin on the crypto world. Vyvo offers smart watches that can help to improve your daily life as well as bringing trading with you wherever you go.

The company aims to create innovative ideas to continue to improve the lives of those who already use Vyvo and it’s products. This is a truly diverse and cohesive strategy that the company takes while offering other products and services. It is no wonder with the early success of nutrition and health that Vyvo would quickly add crypto to its list of services and products offered.

New Network Marketing News: Vyvo now pays instantly to its MLM reps making strong sales.


Tiens entered the international market in 1997, a mere two years after it was founded, finding great success right off the start. The primary product line offered by the company includes traditional Chinese medicinal items, nutrient supplements, and instant coffee.

This company has grown remarkably in its relatively short lifespan and has become a leader across the globe. In a quarter of a century, Tiens has grown to over 12 million distributors all over the world, driving it further into success each and every day for South African MLM entrepreneurs.


Crowd1 is not just a crypto network marketing company, but they have the mobile capability for you to take your trading anywhere and everywhere you go. There is no limit to your trading through Crowd1 and you can actually cut out the intermediate player by driving trade yourself. Crowd1 is continuing to grow in popularity and success, and now reaches all seven continents. This truly global crypto company has made it possible for partnerships and networks to be made all across the world.

10. AKASHX by My Daily Choice

The latest product being offered by My Daily Choice is a cryptocurrency educational program and trading platform that really has yet to be matched by any other MLM crypto company. AkashX is taking the crypto world by storm with its 150 lessons to walk you through the beginning to advanced stages of crypto trading today for traders in Pietermaritzburg and Gqeberha.

Along with that comes the social aspect of the trading. AkashX allows you to link with trading experts to not only learn the tools of the trade but to make the same trades as the experts and truly profit and learn as you go. In addition to all this, AkashX has a debit card that can be linked to your account and loaded with your crypto. This is a new take on the crypto payout methods and success of the company overall. My Daily Choice also offers fitness MLM products like CBD oil and vegan supplements for South African network marketing customers in 2024.

More Top MLM Companies To Consider Joining

There are other excellent MLMs to consider joining if you live in South Africa such as Neolife, Norwex, The Body Shop, Melaleuca, Coway, Arbonne, Juice Plus, Le-vel Thrive, Live Pure, Modere, and Arieyl. Do your thorough research before signing up with any MLM company in southern Africa.

Join A Top MLM Or Crypto Company In South Africa For 2024

CBD and cryptocurrency really are beginning to shape up as the fast growing new product in the network marketing world in Kimberley and Soweto South Africa. As a truly newer niche in the marketing world, crypto brings together trade, strategy, and sales all in one, really advancing the way a company can work away from a direct sales method and more towards a social business method. Crypto is changing how the game is played and making South Africans a great deal of profits in the process for 2024. South Africa will become a much richer nation with increased multi-level marketing and direct selling success.

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