Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Ghana 2024

top mlm companies in Ghana best network marketing businesses ranked Africa

Network marketing has taken the direct sales and business world and flipped it on its head. Gone are the old days of moving door to door and passing out catalogs when emails and links have taken precedence in an all new way of doing business.

It is not surprising that many MLM companies flourished once they switched to this smart strategy, and it is not surprising that the latest product to go this route, cryptocurrency, is following this trend towards great success.

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Ghana is already known for its rich and diverse collection of resources which has pushed it to being one of the highest ranking economies in Western Africa to date. In fact, Ghana was noted as one of the fastest growing economies in the world in early 2024.

With network marketing companies already finding great success in this country, it comes as no surprise that Ghana will quickly become a leading country with many cryptocurrency companies finding a great deal of success. Here are the ten best network marketing companies in Ghana for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Companies In Ghana For 2024  

1. LiveGood

LiveGood has made it possible to stand out among the crowd of network marketing companies, by letting you make money just by sending out your powerline link and product shop link. This top MLM company is focused on all things health, wellness, and lifestyle.

The link you share is unique to your account, so only you can be credited for products purchased or downline team members recruited through that direct link. It is a great way of making a profit by doing very little work from absolutely anywhere you are! LiveGood is changing the way you can build an online home business and rewarding you every step of the way. And did I mention that Live Good pays in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as well? Join this successful MLM company now!


Elepreneurs takes a spin on the typical nutrition based MLM and network marketing company. They still offer a variety of herbal supplements and vitamins, but they really push to help people feel their absolute best from the inside out in Kumasi and Tamale.

The main goal is to help people earn richer lives to live healthier and happier. Add to that their incredible compensation rates and bonuses, and Elepreneurs really stands out in a crowd. Over the years, the company has grown in popularity with Africans right along with their success and there is no question as to why.


Many African people don’t have a good grasp as to what cryptocurrency really is. There is a widespread misunderstanding of how it works and the potential that crypto has in store. iCoinpro is setting out to educate more and more people on the ins and outs of the crypto world and all it has to offer in Accra.

At iCoinpro, the goal is to not only teach you what it is about and how it works in Africa, but what you can do with crypto to help you reach your goals and unlock a potential never before imagined. The mission of iCoinpro is to help you maximize your potential through learning more about how to use crypto to your advantage and by teaching you the tools of the trade that you can pass along and bring more people into.


At Melaleuca, it does not go unrecognized about how competitive the wellness market is. This niche is well saturated with MLM companies and each must work to stand out in the crowd to set itself apart and be successful. Melaleuca has mastered that by staying faithful to the company beliefs and goals to offer a healthier lifestyle to people.

From 1985, Melaleuca has grown into a leading wellness company offering over 400 products to meet anyone’s needs at any stage in their journey. The company has averaged over $2 billion annually and is among the leading network marketing ranks across the world.


Bydzyne is big on celebrating the diversity of the individual. As a company so deeply committed to understanding that everyone is different and has different needs and goals, Bydzyne offers a wide array of products and services.

From wellness and beauty to technology items, Bydzyne has tangible products to sell and build your business on, but they also even offer travel services as a way to grow your business. Combine that with incentive and a great compensation plan and it’s no wonder why this company has grown to be one of the top network marketing companies in the market today.


With the growth and gain in popularity that crypto has received recently, it’s becoming more and more likely that companies will expand how you can conduct business.

Crowd1 is ahead of the game with bringing the trade and crypto network marketing to your fingertips and giving you full mobile capability to take it wherever in the world you may find yourself. You truly are not limited at all with Crowd1 and can even help to drive the market with your trades as the middleman is no more. As Crowd1 continues to grow, they have reached all 7 continents and have made global networks and connections possible with crypto trading.


ARIIX is the self proclaimed ‘Opportunity Company’ with goals to help everyone reach their highest potential. The company is rooted in the belief that everyone has an untapped unlimited potential to be great and it aims to show you just how successful and great you can be.

There is no limit to what ARIIX has to offer as the company has a wide offering of different products across several brands and categories, making it possible for you to tap into more than one niche depending on your own needs and goals even. ARIIX has already shown to be very adaptive over the years and it holds great promise that the company will continue to do so, further driving their success.


As a growing company in the crypto world, Bizztrade is focused on building relationships between trading and cryptocurrency. By educating you and keeping everything transparent, Bizztrade works to show you how to become a master in trading.

Through Bizztrade, you will find a plethora of tools and resources to learn and work to become better at crypto trading. On top of all the resources and tools available to you, Bizztrade is soon to offer a live chat feature where you can be connected directly with experts in the field to get insider tips on what makes the trade world work.

9. BE

At BE, the philosophy is to empower people to take every aspect of their life and have full control over it. With a global platform available to everyone, there is a plethora of resources made available to build and profit on your small business through BE.

BE believes that everyone deserves to be more free. With the opportunities and payouts offered, they help people become more financially free, stress free, and free up their time.

With BE, in Ghana you can be your own boss and empower yourself to strive to the far reaches of success that is within you. You have all the power at your hands because BE makes it all available to you with the ease of use of a smartphone in 2024.

10. AKASHX Of My Daily Choice

My Daily Choice is already a well known MLM and network marketing company across the globe. They intend to continue to be known as a leading company with their latest product and services offered, AkashX. AkashX is the program that will take you from knowing nothing about cryptocurrency to becoming a master of the trade in no time.

Offering over 150 lessons to walk you through this forex and cryptocurrency trading process, AkashX covers every nook and cranny of crypto trading and lets you dig deep into the way it all works.

AkashX even offers a social spin on things by allowing you to directly link with experts in crypto trade and make the same trades that they do, literally learning what moves to make from the ones who know the most about the business.

AkashX even offers a debit card that is linked to your crypto account so your funds are always available to you. This is how you stand out in a growing field of innovation into 2024.

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Cryptocurrency is quickly growing in popularity and likely will change how we see the trade and exchange of money for years to come. Pair the growing popularity of this currency with the great business strategy that is network marketing, and there is no limit to the heights that crypto can reach. With so many resources out there making trading easier to understand and follow, you too can become a successful crypto earner and trader in Ghana for 2023 and 2024. It is time to get growing and going with your MLM business in Ghana!