10 Best Crypto Forex Social Trading Affiliate Programs

Social trading are the forums and systems where people can earn money by successfully predicting the exchange rate of any two currencies. While many consider these currencies and affiliate marketing in general to be a form of strategic gambling, it has become a massive mode of potential online earnings. 

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If you are looking for the best social trading affiliate programs, these ten can help you get started. They have a variety of systems that can suit the needs of traders in your target audience, ranging from beginners to advanced forex and cryptocurrency traders. 

Top 10 Best Crypto Forex Social Trading Affiliate Programs

1. FBS Affiliate Program  

With this program, you get a set commission for every trade that your referrals make. The best thing about this forum is that you can withdraw your commission every day. You can earn profit without investing and the commission is up to $80 on each lot which your client trades in. FBS has a wide range of free promotional materials to choose from. It has no upper limit on how much you can earn through your referrals.

2. OctaFx

This is an excellent program which requires you to place your referral links only on the websites and social media accounts that you control. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Skype to find clients for the forum. Every trade lot completed by your referrals will earn you a specific amount of commission. You can withdraw your commission or transfer it in your personal account once every 24 hours.

3. FxPro

This program is highly flexible to suit the needs of a variety of affiliates and traders. You can select your partnership scheme according to your requirements. It also offers you flexible payout options and customized rebate schemes. Earning levels work on a tiered system that can reach up to 62% of spread revenue. You can earn up to $1,100 for each referral you make to FxPro. Another perk you enjoy with this affiliate program is that you get exclusive, personalized promotional material along with elite trading conditions. 


AVATRADE is a good pick for people who want to earn a residual income besides working their “day job”. With a massive number of over 70,000 partners, the company operates in more than 150 countries across the globe. 

It offers you accurate and fast pay-out facilities and multi-lingual forums for trading. The data is available in 20 different languages for better accessibility. It is highly reliable as they use complete transparency with cutting edge technology. The structure of trades and deals is highly flexible and same goes for commission structures. 

5. Orbex Affiliate Program

This is a highly accommodative and flexible affiliation program.  It can cater to the needs of EA developers, webmasters and individual traders as per their requirements. You can check, track, and withdraw commission any time you like while working with Orbex. 

You can use the company’s facilities for developing your website and its search engine optimization feature. Orbex offers highly profitable rebate deals. You also get a 24-hour client support system to guide you through any situation in various languages. 

6. In The Money Stocks

In the Money Stocks has personalized software for trade alerts and swift communication. Visitors on company’s website can subscribe the email service to get trade ideas by email for free. The average per transaction earning rate is $21. The overall rate of commission is a reasonable 30%. The company offers trading in cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities and stocks and the company claims a success rate of around 80%. 

7. Admiral Markets Affiliate Program

When you register for the Admiral Markets affiliate program, you can choose the most suitable package for your clients or audience. The portal has several attractive promotional materials to choose from for FX and crypto trades. 

The commission rate per client on the forum is $600. You also get rewarded when people visiting the website click and convert. The highly responsive 24/7 customer support staff tends to be especially attractive for clients.

8. FPM Global Affiliate Program

The unique attribute of this forum is its facility for the client to get accurate statistics regarding your referral traffic. The system involving issuance and receiving rewards is easy, flexible, and transparent without any hidden cut-offs. 

Along with a highly professional team, FPM Global offers guidance from a personalized manager who can answer any question about setting up and maintaining your affiliate account and using the promotional materials. You can use revenue sharing or CPA plan to collaborate with the company. A 24-hour support system is also available to guide the clients in various languages. 

9. BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program

BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program offers an attractive affiliate marketing program with up to $600 CPA payments and no upper limit on earning. You can transfer earnings to your account in no time using your preferred method of transfer. 

The company’s promotional material includes landing pages and banners. These resources are multilingual, and you can access them for free. You can track all the activities of your affiliate business using CPA system for tracking and a personal analytical dashboard to show you all the facts and figures for a comprehensive view of your business. 

10. Forex Trendy Affiliate Program

Forex Trendy offers a secure, piracy-free affiliate program. This program is not downloadable and thus, ensures a perfect guarantee of authenticity. The earning limit per deal can go up to $1200. The company provides a range of financial offers and provides training courses for Forex Traders to work more effectively. Especially attractive features include instant fund withdrawals, a massive range of financial products and plans, and a support system that responds quickly. 

Top Crypto Social Trading Platform Honorable Mention: Snowdare

Snowdare is a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform and affiliate marketing program. It is versatile, state-of-the art, and new for traders or affiliates. It is a free speech platform and allows for content creation / distribution with ease. Give it a try today.

Final Verdict On Cryptocurrency & Forex Affiliate Marketing Programs

With the Internet taking over every field of life, trading is no more only the field of brokers. Are online forums for social trading capable of replacing them? Time will tell, but the ability to trade alongside the larger, more experienced traders in the field tends to be attractive for people who want to do it themselves. You can cash in on this growing field by joining the above affiliate programs and sharing with your audience.

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