Top 10 Best MLM Companies In UAE 2024

Network marketing has come a long way in a short short time throughout the United Arab Emirates. While the general concept remains the same, at getting a good deal of information out to as many UAE residents as possible quickly, there have been changes along the way that have shaped the market into what it is today. These changes have also helped to guide how network marketing is finding success on a global scale in the Middle Eastern markets.

The United Arab Emirates is the second largest economy in the Middle East. With a diverse economy focused largely on oil and gas, the country has started to work towards reducing its dependency on that industry and has emphasized tourism in more recent years.

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As part of the World Trade Organization and OPEC, the UAE has a strong grasp on its trade industry and has looked to bring more into the country as a result. The United Arab Emirates is looking to expand its wealth beyond fossil fuels with MLM success in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain.

But which MLM company is the best option to join if you live in the United Arab Emirates? Here are the top network marketing businesses and best MLM companies in the UAE for 2023 and 2024.

Top 10 Best MLM Businesses In The UAE For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

LiveGood is the company that checks all the boxes for network marketers in the United Arab Emirates. Standing out from many other top MLM companies, LiveGood is changing the game for Arabian entrepreneurs. LiveGood is low in cost and high in profit potential with its plethora of high-quality products and useful membership. Affiliates of LiveGood can easily recruit for their downline, build their teams, sell products, and enjoy spillover earnings from the growing company matrix. Now 950,000 affiliates and members are part of the Live Good MLM powerline and you could be next!


Empowering people and enhancing happiness is the motto and goal of Enhanzz, where they claim to be built for people just like me and you. With an amazing compensation model, unique products, and amazing leadership, Enhanzz sets out to lift people up in the United Arab Emirates.

The core of the company foundation is a set of values called the Happiness Circle which is designed to provide an amazing opportunity to give the Arabic world more happiness. Enhanzz puts their people first, holds innovation as a strong center to the success of the company, and strives for continued excellence. Enhanzz currently offers products ranging from health, fitness, and lifestyle niches to provide people with a variety of opportunities to grow the success of UAE citizens.


Founded in 2004, Vestige has become a highly successful company that continues to grow at a steep trajectory each and every year. Vestige also strives to stay on top of the latest and greatest advances that they can use for their products in Saudi Arabia.

From no genetically modified products and Halal certified, the company aims to provide only the best services and products to their customers enjoying Arabian nights in Kalba, Aljman, or Al Ain. Vestige has a vision to help people live an economically independent life as well as a mission to grow to a global scale, and to benchmark of the direct sales world for Saudis.

4. BE

With a philosophy to empower people to have full control over every aspect of their life, BE provides a global platform available to everyone to build their business. BE also provides plenty of resources and tools to build the crypto business they set out to.

BE wants people to be free in all aspects of life as well, from financial freedom to being free from stress and having more free time to live their lives. You are able to be your own boss at BE and can empower yourself and others to strive towards those far reaches of your life that you wish to have success in. All of your power is in your hands thanks to BE and all with the ease in the use of a smartphone for Arabian entrepreneurs.


Diversity is what makes the world go round for Arabians. At Bydzyne, diversity is celebrated and encouraged. Rather than settle on the ordinary everyday life, Bydzyne encourages residents of Ras Al-Khaimah and Khor Fakkan to settle on extraordinary. UAE citizens must desire anything and everything better than mediocre with their network marketing business growth. 

Everyone is created differently and that is how we grow and thrive as a society. This is recognized by the company, and is what drives Bydzyne to continue to appeal to all sorts of niches including technology and travel in Sharjah and. By offering such a variety of products and services, Bydzyne is able to allow its Dubai consultants to tailor their business to their interests, needs, and audiences.


As cryptocurrency becomes more popular and better understood in the Arabian market, it will become more and more widely used and traded for UAE citizens. There is still quite a ways to go for crypto to be vastly understood and used when you are living and working in the UAE. 

At Crowd1, people are given the resources and tools the Arab people need to better understand how to use and trade crypto. What sets Crowd1 apart from other emerging crypto companies is how the company has placed crypto trading at your fingertips.

You can now take trading anywhere you go and you have now cut out a middle man, putting you directly at the trading stage. You are then able to build networks with people in the Middle East, plus all over the globe and grow your business.


As an emerging company in the crypto world, Bitalium has a background in success with its leading members, but has set out to venture in the network marketing world as it is seen as the future of business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a shareholder in Bitalium exchange, you are able to learn about the cryto trading world, explore your options within that world, and multiply your earnings.

With Bitalium, you are even given the incentive of prizes and more earnings as you grow your business through the amazing opportunities they offer. With the success you can find in Bitalium, you can grow in your financial independence and change your life for the better.


Founded in the United Kingdom, Finfine uses social networking to build cryptocurrency business. Using hedge funds and high frequency trading, Finfine takes crypto trading and Blockchain and changes the game up.

While this is still a budding company that is sure to take a quick pace of growth, there is still a ways to go to become comparable to those other companies that have already staked a claim in the industry.

Knowing this, Finfine has already got big big plans to grow and develop over the next couple of years that is sure to set them apart and make them a widespread name in the crypto world.  


With a pledge to beat any other offer, you know the CEO of Mintbuilder must have faith that his company is truly one to be reckoned with. Mintbuilder is a gold and silver wholesale provider which works as a direct sales company for Arabians.

With Mintbuilder, you don’t have to worry about growing the legs of your Arabian business or moving through ranks to earn more. Instead, you receive the same commission no matter where you are in your business.

Across all 5 business levels, you earn a 50% commission and get rewarded from your recruitment rather than pushing your business through the typical legs like in most other direct sales companies.

You can rest assured that your investment is secure and always gaining value since it is backed in precious metals. With an investment that is actually truly worth something, your Mintbuilder investment will be sure to bring you success as an ambitious Arab.


You can likely be successful any number of ways, the true secret is holding on to sustainable and long lasting success. At Freebay, the company aims to help you do just that to rake in the riches in the United Arab Emirates.

With educational modules in place to help you learn how to succeed in this business, Freebay gives Saudis the tools and incentives to earn and gain success. Your investments are backed by gold bars and robot trading helps to secure your investments with forecasted and strategic trades.

With AI Technology, trades are planned out and you don’t have to guess what would be the right moves for you. In the coming months, there are some great new things coming to Freebay for Arabs, with larger Gold Lifecares and even more robots to help with your trades. This business is quickly changing up the MLM market and will be sure to change your life in Saudi Arabia going into 2024.

Make More Money In MLM In The UAE

With the value of the dollar quickly diminishing, network marketing companies have had to change their approach in the ever-changing markets around the world in 2023. MLM businesses are better than ever now in the UAE.

While many are sticking with traditional means of payment and currency, many other Saudi MLMs have begun to explore the world of cryptocurrency. Other top MLMs have gone on to explore alternative forms of exchange in the forms of precious metals for Arabs.

With new methods of backing your business, network marketing companies in the UAE are showing consumers and consultants alike that the changes in the world will not affect how businesses can be successful. Ambitious Arabians are ready to earn extra money in 2023-2024 with MLM!

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