Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Switzerland 2024

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Network marketing is not a new trend making it into Switzerland or the world anymore. For years and even decades, network marketing companies have changed the way that the sales industry works. Now the wonderful Swiss people are able to build their own businesses to help make a better income and life for themselves.

With the growing popularity of network marketing, cryptocurrency has latched onto this idea and also grown as a result in Europe. This new network marketing product is the new way of marketing and trade and will see exponential growth as the popularity and understanding grows in the Swiss region of the European Union (EU).

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Switzerland is obviously one of the richest countries in the world. Known for innovation and being a leader in bringing new things into the world, it is no surprise that Switzerland is ranked first on the Global Innovation Index. Switzerland’s economy is considered an advanced free market, and much of the economy is based on banking and financial services.

With all this, Switzerland has seen some of the leading network marketing companies come through and flourish in the solid Swiss economy.

But which MLM business is the right one for you to join if you are Swiss? Here are the top ten network marketing companies in Switzerland for 2023 and 2024. These innovative multi-level marketing organizations are also prime candidates to dominate the direct selling and affiliate marketing industries in 2024.

Top 10 MLM Business Opportunities In Switzerland For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a top MLM opportunity, LiveGood is the best network marketing business to join. This MLM business is only 8 months old and it has over 975,000 affiliate members, with a record-breaking percentage making profits and growing their downline teams. This multi-level marketing company combines low cost high quality products with minimal expenses and an exceptional compensation plan. Join LiveGood to grow your wealth and wealth, while helping customers or team members to do the same in Switzerland! There is a reason that over 1,000,000 will be in the company before 2024!


At Bydzyne, diversity is not only celebrated, it is the driving force behind the company. The motto of the company is to settle on extraordinary, meaning to never settle for anything less than above and beyond the norm, the ordinary as a European.

Bydzyne wants to recognize that everyone is different and because of that, everyone may need to approach their own network marketing business a little differently as Europeans.

At Bydzyne, you will find a variety of products and services offered in Bern and Zurich, from smart watches with cutting edge technology or even health supplements and beauty products. The company even has a travel services segment, meaning you can pick and choose a route different from the next member at Bydzyne, or you can even choose to go with a combination of things the company has to offer to tailor your business to meet your needs in Geneva and Basel.


Founded in 1971, Bandar has grown remarkably and build a sustained level of success for itself. Offering a wide selection of goods, from linens to purses to other household products, Bandar certainly has a more unique niche than many MLM companies today for Swiss recruiters and direct sellers.

What is remarkable about Bandar as a company is that it employees handicapped individuals to make all of the products and provides opportunities that they may not otherwise get. Along with giving people the financial freedom they seek through selling the products, Bandar gives back through opportunity for all.  


Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming better understood and more widely used in today’s markets. That being said, there is still a great deal people don’t understand and the vast majority of the world is still apprehensive about it. Crowd1 aims to help you to not only better understand cryptocurrency but to become hands on with using and trading crypto.

As one of the first companies to put crypto at your fingerprints , Crowd1 is completely mobile and allows you to take trading everywhere you go. By cutting out the middleman, Crowd1 also allows you to directly drive trades with your business. The tools provided to you and the resources through Crowd1 are truly able to help you build networks on a global scale and connect you with experts and other traders to grow your business and understanding of the crypto world.


Everyone is familiar with Tupperware. The well known brand has been around for generations and for great reasons! Great quality materials and innovative products have pushed Tupperware into the leading food storage brand and company out there.

Switzerland has an incredible following of Tupperware users, landing this company on the list. The original creator of the brand probably never would have guessed that his simple plastic container would make its way across the world and into homes everywhere. The Tupperware of today may be greatly different from those first few containers, but the ingenuity and quality has remained the same.


Jewelry is always a lady’s best friend. No matter if its earrings or necklaces, Jenny Lane is one of Europe’s leading companies for women’s accessories and women all over will seek out a consultant for the latest and greatest trends in jewelry.

Headquartered in Belgium, Jenny Lane is in a prime location for developing fashion and is driven to help women all over Europe feel good about themselves. Paired with a remarkable compensation plan, Jenny Lane is a great MLM opportunity for the women of Switzerland. Founded in 1990, this is a newer MLM company that remains family owned and operated, and continues to strive to provide the greatest jewelry for the direct sales world.


In 1984, Captain Tortue was born from a love story that grew into a business. Based in the UK and the brainchild of a businessman husband and fashion designer wife team, Captain Tortue offers the latest in fashion and trends. Currently, the company has over 5500 consultants with over 600,000 customers internationally.

This, along with a completely female executive board, is the driving force to allow Captain Tortue to give back to a female charity, Breast Cancer Care. The success the company has seen in just a couple of decades is astounding enough to enable Captain Tortue to give back and most importantly give hope to those who need it. Not only does the company allow for amazing opportunities with the business, but the company strives to retain its sincerity and integrity with doing the right thing. Swiss MLM entrepreneurs will profit powerfully with this business.


Founded in 1963, AMC became an early cookware business that skyrocketed into international success. What started out as a dream and a couple of early thoughts became one of the most esteemed cookware companies in the direct sales and network marketing worlds.

AMC International has even since grown to build its own institute and has a foundation in its name, giving back through its renowned success. With the ability to work your own hours, from wherever you see fit, AMC International also makes sure its members are set up with a strong support team to make sure they are on the path to success. Able to help and guide you, your team is set out to share the success and resources so that you too can bring  your own income to new heights.


As a direct sales company, Mintbuilder is taking things up a notch as a gold and silver wholesale provider. Rather than having legs to a company or ranks to achieve, you earn the same commission no matter where you are at in your business.

You also earn a 50% commission across 5 business levels and are rewarded for your recruitment over your ability to push the precious metal business one way or another. As a precious metals company, the investment is always gaining value.

The almighty dollar is quickly going away and it is time to back your income with something that actually is worthy. The CEO of Mintbuilder has even pledged to beat any other price, offering the lowest rates to buy into the company, and even offering a buyback program should you need to release some of your stock. There has truly been no better time to invest in a precious metals company like Mintbuilder than today.


At Freebay, the goal of the company is to help get you into the fast track to success with sustainable and long lasting success to last for life. Freebay currently has educational modules to help you to learn all that you need to know to succeed in this business.

With Freebay, your investments are in gold bars and robot trading, making your investments secure and backed with real value. Using AI technology, trades and trends are forecasted so that you don’t have the guesswork as there is in many situations.

There are some hot new things to come for Freebay in the upcoming months, including larger Gold Lifecards (up to 5 grams!) and more robots for the trading aspect of the company. In addition to this, there are also some packages that will be made available that help to throw off the passive income so commonly seen between buyers and affiliates. This is sure to change the market in Lucerne, Geneva, and Basel for Swiss affiliates!

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Network marketing companies have only seen continued sustain success over the years and will likely continue to do so in Zurich. The market strategy is truly game changing in Switzerland and has helped so many people earn high profits and change their lives heading into 2024.

With MLM companies developing these strategies and joining the platform, this has opened yet another door for people to take their businesses into their own hands. Additionally, the introduction of precious metal earnings has taken the Swiss MLM industry to an entirely new level since the value of the dollar is quickly diminishing and its becoming important to have a solid backing on your investments in 2023 and 2024.