Top 10 Best MLM Companies in Nigeria 2024

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) is very popular in the highly populated nation of Nigeria. And new MLM companies are utilizing popular products and services now such as crypto, forex, nootropics, and cannabidiol (CBD). Cryptocurrency is largely undervalued and under acknowledged by Nigerians due to so many people misunderstanding what it actually is. Many don’t understand the amounts of success it can bring them or the potential it has in growing their income.

Network marketing was viewed much the same way early on, so it is no wonder that the two have combined and crypto (along with CBD) is now one of the top products and services offered through Nigerian network marketing companies.

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Nigeria has an expanding economy that is considered to be middle class. The country is the 12th largest economy in Africa and much of the economy is based in the oil industry. Foreign exchange also makes up a large percentage of the nation’s economy, with the two fields overlapping quite a bit as well.

The income per capita in Nigeria is $6,800, and while this is a larger amount than many other comparable countries in Africa, there is still plenty of room for people to supplement their income using network marketing. Here are the top 10 MLM companies in Nigeria in 2023 and 2024 to help Nigerians potentially profit plentifully.

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria For 2023 And 2024

1. LiveGood

Nigerians love LiveGood because it is one of the best values in multi-level marketing. LiveGood costs under $50 to join and less than $10 per month to maintain your affiliate membership. Their products are top-notch, low cost, and easy to sell throughout Africa. Countless lives have already been changed in terms of wealth and wealth because of the LiveGood company. They even pay out in cryptocurrency if needed in Nigeria! Don’t miss out on this rapidly growing MLM business changing the world! Join the 1,000,000 affiliate members that have signed up with LiveGood, with a large percentage of them making major money in this top MLM program!

LiveGood is actually just setting up a new company distribution center for products in Nigeria soon, showing their long-term dedication and investment in this bustling African economy. This will improve product shipping speed via DHL shipments and reduce costs over time. Join LiveGood Now!


The hot product offered by Organo Gold is its selections of specially formulated coffees with your health in mind. At Organo Gold, the mission is to help people balance and reach new levels of freedom and well being across multiple facets of their lives.

With the health benefits provided by the Organo Gold coffees and other supplements, you are treating your body from the inside out to become better. With the opportunity of building your own successful business, you are becoming more financially free to live comfortably and peacefully.

With Organo Gold, the goal is to bring the people of the world the treasures the world has to offer, and the company has reached success thus far, with great promise to continue.


Kedi Healthcare is one of the larger healthcare MLM companies in the world today. When translated from Chinese, Kedi means ‘science is unlimited’, and is used to emphasize that the world as we know it is not to be limited under the constraints of science as there is no limit to what science (and thus healthcare) can do for us.

Kedi promotes the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, bringing nutrition, medicines, and care items from those traditions to the world. From products such as Royal Jelly used to boost the immune system to other products aimed at helping with female fertility, all of the products offered by Kedi are natural and are derived from ancient Chinese medicine. By joining the quality of products with the network marketing approach, Kedi has proven that quality healthcare is achievable and available to everyone.


The top MLM company Trevo has created a nutritional supplement that blends 174 of the most quality ingredients into one super drink for Nigerians. The creators of Trevo truly believe this to be the supplement for your ENTIRE body. Trevo is currently available in 30 countries, including many in Africa, with the certainty to grow on the horizon.

The company has the goal in mind to become the greatest health and wellness company ever and to encompass 7 principles of empowerment that help you to reach the best possible life for yourself. At Trevo, the goal is to have you take part in daily practices and regular trainings to always keep your values and mission at your forefront, a huge part of what makes you successful as a Nigerian MLMer.


Crowd1 changes the crypto trading norm by bringing it to you in a fully mobile way. Trading can literally be done anywhere you are. A Nigerian is able to drive the trading market with making the trades yourself directly and removing the middle party that is typically involved.

Crowd1 gives Nigerians all the tools you need to allow you to better understand the trades you are making. This increases your knowledge on crypto as well as the success you are sure to gain as a result. Crowd1 continues to grow and pave the way for many crypto companies to follow, as it is already a worldwide company that has build networks between traders all over Ibadan and Kano for 2024.


With cryptocurrency and trade, there is a lot to be learned still. At Six Sigma Trade, you are introduced to Forex trading, Crypto trading, and Robot trading. It doesn’t take long to master these techniques which can allow partners to grow their businesses and success. With this top MLM company, you can become a real Nigerian prince and make your riches reality in Port Harcourt and Jos!

Six Sigma Trade actually specializes in Artificial Intelligence systems and how to incorporate them in the trading mechanisms. Many people don’t understand artificial intelligence and how it works, so they are unaware that AI is all around them already for innovators in Ibadan.

There have been abundant improvements and growth in AI in recent years, so Six Sigma Trade utilizes AI systems to help with the trade. Using the technology to help predict the moves that should be made is game changing. This is both time saving and strategic, helping you to become a better business person and more success in 2024 in Port Harcourt and Kano.


Success Factory more than lives up to its name, as this growing MLM company has over half a million members from 160 countries. That alone speaks volumes about the potential you can find in Success Factory if you live in Aba or Abuja Nigeria.

The mission of the company is to create a working relationship between three key players in any market situation, the company with high quality products, the members who are looking to build a successful business, and the Nigerians who are seeking access to those top of the line products.

Success Factory holds integrity and ethics high in its mission and core values, giving you the peace of mind that you are stepping into a great company with your best interest in mind. With this mindset, the company’s approach to crypto and forex trading is to set you up for only the greatest success and gives you access to the insider information you need to know to build your business in Owerri.


This crypto network marketing company is focused on educating people on the crypto world along with building relationships as well as careers in the crypto field. Bizztrade is quickly becoming a leader in the crypto world and currently provides all the best tools and resources to help you learn all you need to know about the crypto world.

The goal is mastering the trade, and Bizztrade is always ready with the next big thing to help you get there. Currently, the company is developing a live chat feature where you can talk with the experts to learn all the latest and greatest in the crypto scene in Owerri or Osogbo.


My Daily Choice has been a long time front runner in the network marketing world, offering all kinds of health and wellness and personal care items. Their newest addition to their corporation comes in the form of AkashX. This educational program aims to make you a master of the crypto trade in Benin City Nigeria.

AkashX allows you to not only learn from over 150 lessons on how to better understand and use cryptocurrency in your trades, but to also learn from making trades directly with Nigerian experts in the field.

There is a social aspect provided by AkashX multi-level marketing which links you with the experts so that you can make the same trades they do and get the actual hands on, real experience needed to truly master the cryto trade! What puts the icing on the cake is how AkashX network marketing puts your crypto at a Nigerian’s fingertips with an actual debit cared so that you always have it available to you heading into the financially crucial year of 2024.


The goal of MintBuilder is to give you the tools you need to prepare yourself to make it through the shifts in our economy which cannot be turned back. MintBuilder’s mission includes giving ambitious African entrepreneurs the financial freedom to have Peace of Mind and be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

With giving people the resources they need to build a successful career, MintBuilder allows them to do just that. MintBuilder shows Africans how your investments are backed by precious metals and how the trade and referrals can build your income platform into higher and higher levels of success.

By going through MintBuilder, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars and you get to keep it simple by earning simple commissions. There is no work in balancing legs or teams to your MLM business in Lagos Africa.

Before long, cryptocurrency will be one of the most widely used methods of payment and trade in the network marketing world. Bringing this aspect into network marketing for Africa will truly boost the market into the next level as well as bring a higher level of understanding to the crypto world in Abuja.

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The potential this market has is astronomical and the success it can bring Nigerian people is yet to be tapped, so bringing more people onto crypto and trading is sure to bring them a great deal of success in 2023 and 2024. It is time you make more money with multi-level marketing in Lagos and Abuja in 2024!