Top 10 Best High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs 2024

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Want to earn big commissions on your affiliate sales? I am going to share the top 10 highest paying affiliate marketing programs for 2024. 

These are not your normal $10 Amazon Affiliate marketing commissions or ebook royalties that affiliates can’t live off of. 

These affiliate sales opportunities can pay up to $8,000 per sale in commission. They are high ticket items and they are very lucrative in the 2024 digital economy according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Business From Home. 

The New Top Affiliate Marketing Program

If you are going to make money online, you might as well do the high ticket best direct selling programs that pay huge amounts – through one click you can make a ton of money so stay tuned throughout the entire article. 

We got some exciting websites to share for 2024 and beyond – the top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for 2024 and 2025 – Up to $8,000 Per Sale for high-ticket referral passive income or through downline recruiting! 

Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2024-2025: High Ticket Sales

1. LiveGood 

Surprisingly the top affiliate marketing and direct selling program in the world is LiveGood. While some of its products are relatively low commissions, they do have some bigger products and packages, with many more coming out soon. The Live Good Wellness Packages and new Collagen Peptides, Essential Oils, or Methylene Blue dissolving strips products can fetch you a big commission. There are people making over $5,000 per week in LiveGood and nearly $100,000 per month, so I would say that qualifies as high-ticket earnings!

But the real way you make major money in LiveGood is by recruiting your downline team and moving up the ranks. Platinum, Diamond, and Crown Diamond affiliates earn massive paydays weekly and monthly by earning from multiple levels down from them and with company bonuses. If you want to build your wealth while improving health, LiveGood is the right affiliate sales program for you!

Tens of thousands of top affiliate marketing professionals have made future fortunes with this opportunity. Will you be next to profit and live good?

2. BigCommerce

These guys right here this is like an ecommerce website you can tie in your retail and your wholesale selling solutions using e-commerce, but if you want to help businesses get started this is something that you can promote as a leading affiliate marketing pro. 

With BigCommerce you can actually receive up to 200% per sale as an affiliate. Up front bounty per referrals plan price. So they are actually paying you twice as much because they want you to advertise for them so they are actually paying you twice as much as normal, because they want the word to be spread so if you look up here really fast again, you refer visitors to big commerce and earn 200% of the customers first monthly payment or $1500 dollars per enterprise customer. So check them out because they are a very cool affiliate sales option in 2024. 

3. IQ Option 

This affiliate platform does forex, offers stocks, and they offer cryptocurrencies as well. It says right here payout starts from $35 and goes all the way up to $1200 dollars per qualified trader. 

You can get paid well on leads if you get qualified leads for these guys. And this is just one of the biggest websites for forex trading you can see their traffic is through the roof. I mean 411 in the world is phenomenal. These guys are super huge in the high-ticket affiliate marketing space, and you can get up to 1200 dollars per qualified trader so check them out. Moving on to the next top affiliate marketing opportunity for 2024, read more below.

4. Capitalist Exploits 

This is actually a very interesting offer because these guys are kind of like the Motley Fool investment guides. It is an investment research program, okay but these guys are looking for the hottest micro silver mines. 

I have actually promoted this myself. And it is a very tight niche. They basically invest in silver mines, I don’t know if they work with gold. 

But if you scroll down and look right here. We currently have two flagship products available to promote – commission’s of between $788 to $1750 per sale. 

Okay, so what you are promoting is their newsletter. Their webinars and their special announcements and your leads are in their sales funnel for up to a year, and there’s lots of upsells, so they really try to help you in getting high ticket sales. With this, moving on to 

5. Six-Figure Mentors 

These guys have been around forever since 2010, you can earn up to $2,000 per sale. With this, these guys are one of the first digital education platforms, you know there’s several more out there now but these guys were one of the first to have a digital education platform. 

There were a couple others out there that got kind of shut down by the feds like Mobe and digital altitude, but these guys are legit because you can promote it for free. 

And that is what shut down the others is that they had a pay to play. And that’s not really legal anymore so you, you have to be able to sign up with these things for free. 

If you look at the commissions, If you become an elite. I don’t know you have to be an elite to get the top rung of commissions here, but you can see that you can earn 10% on their highest ticket. Membership platform, which is, or actually that could be an event. 

The real retail price is $20,000, you get 10% of that so that’s about 20, what $2,000 and plus you can get all these other Commission’s tacked on top of that, so it’s even more than $2,000. Moving on to 

6. Shopify 

Now Shopify plus is like their high tier offering, and this helps you get your business off the ground, the fastest, and I believe if you promote Shopify plus and someone signs up through your link, you can earn up to $2,000. Okay. We all know Shopify I don’t need to bore you with the details. Moving on to 

7. Easy1up 

These guys offer, world class elearning courses, okay now what’s interesting about easy1up is that you do have to buy the product that you want to earn up to. 

For instance, they have six products to choose from: Elevation is $25, you get all these training modules for network marketing and for affiliate marketing elevation only is $100, you get all these courses vertex $250 you get all those modules for technically is 500 vertex pro is 1000, and vertex live is 2000.

So for instance if you want to make $2,000 commissions and these guys pay instantly through PayPal, through cashapp, through any payment processor that you like. 

It could be anything you use Venmo, stripe, Bitcoin, you set up the payment processor and you get paid instantly. 

But if you want to make $2,000 commissions with this, you have to buy the vertex live yourself, then you can get commissions on all these different modules, all the way down, plus you get all of these products so you can learn all the modules in all of these products. 

Okay, now if you only start at the $500 level, then you can only earn up to $500, a sale. If anyone buys something above that, it goes up to your sponsor. 

Okay, so you really want to go in all out as, as high as possible. Okay, this is a very exciting company. It’s made a lot of people a lot of money. The top earners made over half a million dollars in the last few years, and there’s many other people that have made six figures with it. So check it out. 

8. Clickfunnels 

I know a lot of guys cover this one, I’m going to just go over this really quick. They have many different products to choose from.

Traffic Secrets, one funnel away challenge, .com secrets, expert secrets, 30 days summit. And if you look right here, if you promoted expert secrets. Now you get the book. It gets you into their sales funnel okay for $1. 

This is called the value ladder so they get you in for $1, but the Commission could add up to $926 on the back end. So, multiple back end offers, so they have a great sales funnel setup for you already. And you can earn up to 40% commissions and like you see here you get an extra thousand dollars. 

This is recurring every single month. You get 40% on anyone who creates a membership. Okay, you can see right here, earn up to 40% monthly recurring, but they start off at 20% until you can prove that you are an affiliate marketer, then they bump you up to 30% once you earn $1000 in commissions, then they bump you up to 40%, if you have 40 active click funnel members. Okay. Keep that in mind. 

9. Entre Institute 

These guys are huge on the scene right now; they are growing fast, they just did a huge public launch, even though they have been around for five years now. 

You guys can earn up to $8,000 a sale with this, they have many different high ticket programs on Entre Nation elite, entre digital, entre coaching, entre inner circle, and that is it. 

Entre inner circle and their masterminds can make you up to $8,000 or more, because these mastermind events can cost $20,000. So if someone signs up through your link, and they attend a mastermind, you could be getting a big commission. Moving on to our final high-ticket affiliate program opportunity, Legendary Marketer. 

10. David Allen Capital (DAC)

Do you want to connect businesses with fast funding and financial resources? Would you like to help people save money on their health insurance and prescriptions? David Allen Capital and Bank Breezy is the business opportunity for you in the United States and Canada only. It is a free and easy version of trying to get rich from Primerica (PRI) and World Financial Group (WFG) in the U.S. or CA because it doesn’t require any licenses or liability.

You can earn huge commissions on loan approvals, LOC, and other services referred to, along with commissions from agents under you. The commissions could be the hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars each! DAC has expanded into many profitable areas now such as payment processing, identity protection, discounted healthcare programs, and a membership for discount meds. The possibilities for big earnings are limitless with this business opportunity and RVP option.

Top High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program Runner-Up: Legendary Marketer

This high-ticket biz is created by David Sharpe who is an amazing guy that has made over $200 million dollars for him and his affiliates and different programs. He started Empower Network which was that huge blog platform he has got a great rags to riches story. 

And if you scroll all the way down, like I said once before, like in all these other programs, you find the affiliate link, and you click on it to bring things up. 

Now he has programs that are high to high coaching stuff, just like with entre institute. Okay, almost the same as Entre Institute where they have masterminds and things of that nature. And if you want to make higher commissions you would get the Pro, you want to become a pro affiliate which is $30 a month. 

Now, and so the Commission opens up this is the free version if you want to just promote it as a free member free affiliate marketer, five to 30% commissions. 

If you want to bump that up to 20 to 60% for your direct sales, you would want to do that pro $29 a month. So let me show you here, the Commissions you can earn, here is kind of like the 60% on subscriptions 40% on courses 30% on direct selling masterminds. 

Okay, plus they give away all these cool things to the top affiliates, if you sell more than a million dollars in commissions you get a Rolex, and a seven figure plaque of accomplishment. 

So that is pretty cool for affiliate sales income potential and bonuses. Legendary marketers club 30 a month traffic University one time at $1500.

Let’s see, here are a couple others affiliate marketing business blueprint $2500 one time. Here is another $2500 product, and here is another $2200 product. Another one. Another one, and then it moves up to 4500 for the mastermind and 9500 for the business blueprints with coaching. 

Okay, as an affiliate let’s go to the pro commissions offered. If you sell this one right here business blueprints, as a pro affiliate right down here. It says right here, business blueprints with coaching, you as a pro affiliate can earn up to $2850, per sale. It is just as easy for someone to buy a $10 product as it is a $3,000 product. Keep that in mind when deciding on your affiliate marketing program to launch online working from home. 

Join One Of These 10 Top Affiliate Sales Programs For 2023 And 2024

It is all about your mindset with affiliate marketing. It is just as easy as someone to click on their mouse and buy a $3,000 product, or a $10,000 product as it is a $10 product. You are not going to make a living doing small commissions in MLM or affiliate sales. Getting $10 Commissions are useless unless scaled to a massive level. That is why I switched to high-ticket program marketing for 2024, to get real affiliate sales income. Also try out Kleo Kolor, Optavia, and Lifewave for other high ticket affiliate sale commissions.

Thanks for reading our Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs for 2024 – Up to $8,000 Per Sale!!

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