MLM Leader Erik Christian Johnson Joins Valentus

I’ve been an internet marketer since 2011. I discovered network marketing in 2014 and was hooked right away. I loved the idea of building something that pays over and over again. MLM also seemed to pay more than affiliate marketing, which I tried first in 2013.

Valentus is only my 4th MLM company i’ve been in. I am faithful to one company and take it as far as I can. Valentus is growing like wildfire and I want to be part of the momentum and growth and the unlimited global opportunities that the Valentus opportunity offers.

In 2014, I was having a hard time with anxiety and took to the internet to find a natural remedy. I discovered a MLM company called Brain Abundance. At the same time, I also bought a bottle of Skinny Fiber from Skinny Body Care. I decided to go with Brain Abundance.

What I immediately noticed about Brain Abundance was their automated email system that all reps got to use. What the system did that was so powerful was when a prospect filled out this form called a landing page and took the free business tour in the company and got a temporary spot to look around, the company immediately sent out a series of emails to the prospect.

My sponsor at the time told me that if I filled my sales funnel with enough leads I would get sign-ups.

It took me about two years of blogging, doing social media, and YouTube to get my leads up to 20 a day before my business started to take off.

I loved the automated system Brain Abundance had and also discovered that Skinny Body Care had the same system.

What really made MLM work for me was this system because I was an extreme introvert doing an extroverted profession.

I had heard the horror stories of MLM, how you had to lie to people to get them to attend your house parties, and you had to do 3-way calls all day long, and talk to everyone 3 feet around you about your opportunity.

I didn’t want that. In fact, I blocked my sponsor from calling me when I first joined MLM because I didn’t want him to tell me what to do in a loud car salesman voice.

However, I started to treat MLM seriously and wanted what the leaders had. I started watching two hours of MLM training videos on youtube each night and took lots of notes.

I started doing my own videos and started a MLM blog. I prayed every night, after a grueling night in a hot kitchen as a line cook, that I wanted to come home full-time and live off network marketing.

I had to go back to a job four different times because the income from MLM had declined or wasn’t enough.

I finally got home full-time in 2016. Money was still super tight but at least I was home full-time, writing articles, doing videos, and learning more from the greats like Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, Ray Higdon, Matt Morris, Michael S. Clouse, and Cesar L. Rodriguez.

I loved these guys, and ate dinner watching them every night. I wanted to be like them. My freedom was going to be from emulating them until I made money and changed lives like them.

There was just one problem. . .

I didn’t want to talk to people. Ah yes, the introvert thing, the social anxiety MLM guy thing. . .and throw in a little Autism too!

Back to generate lots of leads and let the company email them for me…

Yes, I got good at generating leads and in the last 5 years I’ve generated over 60,000 of them. My favorite MLM book of all time is by David M. Ward, called Recruit and Grow Rich, and he basically says that a big recruiter can make a ton of money in any MLM company.

He mentioned in the book that he knew an MLM leader who was a big recruiter and made almost a million a year, and he didn’t do any follow-up, didn’t attend events, and didn’t do much hand holding with his downline. I immediately wanted what that paragraph said! I wanted a truly automated MLM business.

Today, I have been in four MLM companies and they all had a great automated sales funnel. I work around one hour a day, and run a very efficient home business. My leaders and I text and I still have never done a real 3-way call. (I accidentally found myself in a short one but it was over in 10 minutes)

Of course, products mean everything in MLM. I made over $130k in CBD, but decided to stop promoting it because of restrictions. I love CBD, but I want something I can promote globally.

I am looking for a company that will continue to grow for the rest of my life, and I believe Valentus has that. I love their automated email system, their cutting-edge products, and my truly caring upline, Mike Dew.

I believe MLM can be designed the way you want. Don’t get me wrong, most people love chatting on Facebook and going to meetings. However, there are many introverts out there that I want to assure that they also can have phenomenal success now in network marketing!

If you want to lock arms with me, take the free tour by clicking the button and thanks for reading!

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